Flights to St. Petersburg

Flights to St. Petersburg
Always included in your flight ticket to St Petersburg: 50 lbs of baggage, free seat selection and much more…

Flying to St Petersburg from the US takes between 11 and 18 hours and we want you to feel comfortable while you are up in the air. Thus, we serve coffee or tea onboard and you can read the daily newspaper – all is free of charge, of course.

In fact everything is included in your flight ticket to St Petersburg from the US:
before, during and after your flight.

Find your flight and check out the prices right away by using the booking enquiry form or download our app – this way you are always able to book your next flight to St. Petersburg directly from your phone or tablet.

Insider tips into the cultural Russian city of St Petersburg

There are several daily options available for flying to St Petersburg from the US

SAS offers up to 4 daily flights to St Petersburg from New York, Chicago, Houston and Washington as well as weekly flights from San Francisco. Connecting flights are via Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm, Norway’s capital city of Oslo and Chicago, Washington or New York. Pulkovo International Airport is situated approximately 11 miles from Russia’s cultural city of St Petersburg

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Child discount – get up to 90% to St Petersburg

When flying to St Petersburg with us you can always find great discounts on your children’s flight tickets. For infants and children under 2 years of age you can enjoy up to 90% discount on the price of their ticket and it is free of charge to carry a pram/stroller with you. For children 2-11 years of age you can enjoy a discount of up to 25%.

Feel free to contact our crew in the airport if it is your first time flying with kids. They know how to take extra good care of you as first time traveler with children.

Check out good advice to give your child the best possible flight
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More leg room and wider seats to St Petersburg? Choose a SAS Plus ticket

It is no secret that the flight to St Petersburg is a long one. With a SAS PLUS ticket you can get even more comfort during a long trip. The PLUS ticket does not only include more leg room and wider seats but among many other benefits it also gives you access to our Fast Track (your fastest way through the gate), our lounge areas in New York, Chicago, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm and our Star Alliance and partner lounges in St Petersburg, Washington, San Francisco and Houston.

Read more about the different types of tickets and all the benefits of Plus

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What's up in St Petersburg

Home to Pavlovsk Palace, one of the most splendid residences of the Russian imperial family.

Third-largest in the world
St. Isaac's Cathedral is located near the Admiralty.

Mariinsky Theatre
Stars of the White Night Festival at the Mariinsky Theatre and Concert Hall
 from May to July.


Crew tip

The Hermitage

St Petersburg's prime attraction, one of the world's great museums. Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens and more...There are guided tours in several languages. Finding one might prove to be an exhausting experience. First of all, do not to take up on any guided tour offers from someone outside the museum. Once you are inside, look for notices for tours in the language of your choice, then head to the tour office. / Patrick, pilot

Passenger tip

Blini stands, all over town

There are blini stands all over town. Try Samovar on Gorokhovaya ulitsa 27, that is a good one. Most of them don't speak English, but that doesn't matter - just point to what you want to try. No stay in St. Petersburg is complete without eating a blini! / Jasper

Passenger tip

Voronezskaya Ul. 2

You never know what to expect on a weekdays at the Griboedov: poetry reading, live reggae or a DJ spinning psychedelic trance. The club is actually two: one above ground, Griboedov Hill, and one below in an old underground bomb shelter. / Yannick


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