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Flights to Skellefteå

SAS, the largest airline company in Scandinavia, offers international flight tickets to Skellefteå. 


The striking contrasts of Skellefteå, between the wild and the tranquil, offering something for all five of your senses.


What's up in Skelleftea


About 70 minerals have been found here. You can find them too if you look carefully.

Frisbee meets golf

Forgot your golf clubs at home? Try disc golf, a combination of Frisbee and golf!

Swedish Woodstock

A three-day music and cultural festival in July - check out Trästockfestivalen


Crew tip

Kingdom of cheese

So it might sound a bit corny, but the trademark cheese of the area is something you have to try. Don't stop at just the cheese - they also make a wonderful pie filled with Västerbotten cheese. / Anna-Karin, ground crew


Passenger tip


STF Vandrarhem Skellefteå

The hostel is in an old wooden building just above the river. It's a 25-minute walk to city center, but take your time here. Walk along the river, enjoy the surroundings and the tranquility. /Torbjörn


Passenger tip


Kanotstigen 5
Tel. +46 910 351 15

There is a river that runs through the town and its close to the sea. We rented kayaks and spent a day exploring the coastline and small islands. The Swedish Allemänsratten, or the right of public access, makes it possible to go ashore pretty much anywhere. /Anders

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