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Flights to Copenhagen

Fly direct or via Stockholm and Oslo with SAS to Copenhagen from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Fransisco or Washington D.C.

8 reasons why you should book a trip to Copenhagen 

1. There’s excellent public transport

Public transport doesn’t come much more convenient than this. Don’t believe us? What if we told you that you can get from Copenhagen Airport to the city center with the Metro in only 13 minutes? Moreover, the Copenhagen public transport network operates 24 hours a day, with special train, metro and bus services covering the night and early hours. Most ticket types can be used on all forms of public transport in and around the capital, including Metro, rail, buses and harbor buses. 

Read more about how to get around Copenhagen with public transport.

2. You’ll meet plenty of friendly and happy Danes

Danes has been named the world’s happiest people several times and remains to be in the very top of the UN World Happiness Report. If you want a few insider tips on how you can get a bit more happiness in your life, you ought to talk to a few of them while in Copenhagen. You’ll find them hanging out in parks, cafés, at the waterfront, and by the lakes, and they can show you all about what ‘hygge’ (a word for that cozy feeling of togetherness) is by Danish standards. TIP: an easy way to get in contact with a Dane is by trying to pronounce a word or two in Danish, because they’re simply impressed by your willingness to engage with a language that only 6 million people speak worldwide – and which apparently is among the most difficult languages to learn.

3. It’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world

Let’s just say it as it is: Danes love biking. As in a fangirl-level way, because Danes bike no matter the season or weather conditions. And you’ll experience this love of bikes particularly well in Copenhagen, where the locals bike the equivalent of 35 times around the world each day! You can easily blend in with the locals from the saddle by renting a bike and tour one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities.

4. The city’s scrumptious food scene

Danes love to enjoy a good meal with their friends and family, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Yet that indescribable feeling of ‘hygge’ is a key ingredient for why the food just seem to taste a little bit better in Copenhagen. And whether you’re into the star-studded restaurants (which Copenhagen has a lot of btw., incl. Noma and Geranium), want to sink your teeth into the local dishes or blend in with the locals at one of the street food markets, you’ll be sure to experience some mouth-watering moments in Copenhagen.

5. Everything is beautifully designed

Danes are generally not the ones to blow their own trumpets – unless it comes to design and architecture, but it’s all with good reason because Denmark has produced many world-renowned designers, landmarks and products. And Copenhagen is the place where you can experience it all: cutting-edge architecture by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG), the well-designed products that came out of the Danish Modern movement in the mid-20th century, as well as shopping for Danish design (they make for beautiful souvenirs).

6. You can tick world-class attractions off of your bucket list

Denmark is a country steep in rich history and a heritage that goes back thousands of years, and while strolling through the cobbled-stone streets in Copenhagen you get to experience this heritage first hand. From our Viking ancestors' treasures and the monarchy’s impressive castles, to canal tours, colorful buildings and the iconic amusement park, Tivoli Gardens; the city’s world-class attractions are all within walking distance.

7. It’s safe and clean

Copenhagen – and Denmark in general – is consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world. So if you just remember to pack your common sense, chances of running into trouble are slim to none. At the same time, Copenhagen also tops the lists of the world’s most liveable cities. The street are clean, the air quality is high and the harbor running through the city is clean enough to swim in.

8. There’s loads of quirky and unusual gems to explore

Sometimes you just want something a bit out of the ordinary that isn’t listed on every must-see itinerary. You’ll find plenty of these moments in Copenhagen, such as a waste-to-energy plant that also functions as a ski slope, the picturesque alleyways and backyards hidden from view of the main streets, or discovering Copenhagen’s quirky floating experiences.


Travel to Copenhagen with SAS

Whether you are travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark alone on vacation or with your whole family, we at SAS want you to fly in comfort. To make your travel easier, we offer many ways to book cheap air travel that makes the process easier and hassle-free.

Happiest People in the World! That’s Denmark. And no more so than in Copenhagen. The Danish capital’s cool, laid-back lifestyle blends in perfectly with 1000-years of history, and innovative architecture and design mixes in serenely with royal castles and historic buildings. Explore the legacy at the Royal Castles, such as the renaissance beauty of Rosenborg Castle to the architectural splendor of Amalienborg Castle, or venture into the exuberant neighborhoods of Nørrebro or the Meatpacking District with their multitude of restaurants, cafes and unique boutiques.

Shopping in Denmark is unparalleled, from new modern to world-renowned designers, and Strøget, offers up a rainbow of avant-garde and traditional boutiques alongside cafe life. Foodies can indulge in fine dining from Michelin starred restaurants to traditional Danish restaurants. When in Copenhagen do as the Copenhageners, jump on a bike and discover the city on two wheels.


Did you know?

  • Denmark continuously comes out on top of the “Happiest Nation on Earth” index – we are not surprised.
  • Copenhagen is home to one of the smallest hotels in the world; Central Hotel & Café, consisting of just one room. Make sure to make reservations early!
  • Denmark has not just one, but three mermaid sculptures. The Hans Christian Andersen version, the modern version ”Han”, and the “Genetically Modified Little Mermaid”.
  • Where do all the King’s statues retire to? The Lapidarium of Kings of course. Located in the King Christian IV’s Brewhouse, more than 300 statues and sculptures dating back to 1608 are on display.
  • The Hans Christian Andersen Attic! Located in the Magasin du Nord department store, the famed story teller lived in the room from 1827-28 while studying for his final exams.
  • Copenhagen is home to a total of 22 Michelin starred restaurants, the most in Scandinavia. The restaurant noma, has been named World’s best restaurant a total of 4 times.
  • The Danish love of good food and music lead to “The Standard” on the water front. The brain child of Claus Meyer and jazz musician Niels Lan Doky includes three restaurants, two bars and a jazz club.
  • 50% of all trips to work or educational institutions in Copenhagen are by bike. So hop on Bike!
  • The Circle Bridge and Snake Bridge are beautiful shortcuts created for bicycles in Copenhagen, making it more attractive to ride the bike to work and leave the car at home.


What to Explore



Tivoli Gardens, is not only the world’s oldest amusement parks, but is also rumored to be Walt Disney’s inspiration for the other very famous park. A family-friendly attraction with its rides, gourmet dining, concerts and more the Gardens is also a favorite of Danes and Copenhageners.



The World’s Most Liveable city is made up of a number of districts and neighborhoods. From the architectural Amager with its beaches to the eclectic Nørrebro with its multi-cultural vibe to Østerbro where the Little Mermaid sits on her rock, or the chic Frederiksberg. Even better everything is within walking or biking distance.


Shopping and fashion

Vintage shops, trendy and avant-garde designers, quaint boutiques and well-known designers. It’s all in Copenhagen. From Strøget, northern Europe’s longest shopping street, to vintage shops, trendy and avant-garde designers, quaint boutiques and well-know designers. It’s all in Copenhagen waiting for you.


Royal Fairytales

No visit is complete to Copenhagen without a visit to one of the many royal castle in Copenhagen. Amalienborg is home to the Queen of Denmark, and the daily changing of the guards is a sight to behold. The former summer residence Rosenborg is home to the Queens regalia and crown jewelry. North of the City the renaissance castle Frederiksborg is a must see, together with Kronborg aka Hamlet’s castle.


Culinary experiences – beyond noma

Copenhagen is booming with great restaurants serving up New Nordic Cuisine, and ‘little brothers’ of the their Michelin awarded ‘big brothers’ are popping up, such as ‘PONY’, ‘108’ and ‘No.2’. Try the fabled Danish open-faced sandwich ‘smørrebrød’ – it’s a stable of the Danish kitchen.


Design and architecture

Timeless, minimalistic, functional and edgy – that’s Danish design on all fronts. Explore and live the Danish design lifestyle at hotels, restaurants, shops and more while visiting the Capital city.


On the water

Check out Copenhagen from the waterside! Opt for a guided Canal Tour while taking in all the sites, or venture out on your own. Rent a Go Boat solar powered boat and make it a lunch tour.


Things to do on a rainy day

We all prefer blue skies and sunny days, but we have gathered a number of things to do on a wet day in Copenhagen. We have you covered!


Green living

Denmark is a treasure-trove of eco-friendly experiences and home of the world’s most visionary climate policies, so If you enjoy the benefits of organic food, appreciate a good night’s sleep in an eco-certified hotel and have a soft spot for sustainable transportation like cycling or electric busses, then look no further.