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Flights to Amsterdam

Flights to Amsterdam

Price and availability are updated every time a search is performed.

Travel to Amsterdam with SAS from multiple locations throughout the US. Book early to save money on ticket prices. Additionally, we welcome you to enjoy the amenities included in your ticket before, during and after the flight.

Many daily flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Fly to Amsterdam on one of several daily flights from seven departure locations throughout the US. Flights typically leave in the evening – so you can fall asleep in the US and wake up in the Netherland’s capital city.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is conveniently located just 10 miles outside of Amsterdam, making transport to and from the city simple and easy. Choose between a number of options including: bus, train or taxi. In addition, hotels often offer courtesy shuttles to bring you to your final destination – and back afterwards.


Cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam

Let us help you get a great deal. Our handy low price calendar displays the cheapest flights to Amsterdam in an easy-to-read grid format. By looking – and booking – early you can save on ticket prices and start planning for your trip. In addition, prices and availability are updated each time a new search is performed. Keep in mind there may be some price variations when you proceed to booking.

SAS customers also can enjoy a 24-hour return policy for flight tickets.

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Multiple daily flights between the US and Amsterdam

Choose from seven different departure locations in the US — Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. – with a short layover in either Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo. Upgrade to SAS Plus to enjoy our lounge area, equipped with a delicious buffet, wine, beer and other refreshments.

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50 lb. baggage, free seat selection, online check-in and more

We have everything covered before, during and after your flight. When you fly with SAS, we aim for the ultimate travel experience. Provided on all flights from the US:

• 50 lb. of baggage with SAS Go

24-hour return policy

• Online check-in

Seat selection 22 hours prior to departure

• Music, movies and games

• WiFi 

• Meal, snacks and beverages

• Newspapers in our App

• Child discount up to 90%

Find your departure and price on or download our App – this way you will be able to quickly find your flight directly on your smartphone. 

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Child discount of up to 90%

Children traveling with a parent can receive a generous discount of up to 90%. Children under the age of 2 (0–23 months) are eligible for a 90% discount when traveling on their parent’s lap during the flight. In addition, children under the age of 12 can enjoy up to a 25% discount on their ticket price (not available on all flights from the U.S.).


Special offers and discounts with EuroBonus 

Join EuroBonus today and make travel easier and more comfortable. It’s completely free. Each time you fly accumulate points that can be used on future flights, hotel stays, car rentals and even for everyday purchases. 

Points can be redeemed at SAS or with one of our many partners. The more you fly, the more special discounts and offers you accumulate!

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Schipol Airport is the largest in the Netherlands and one of the busiest in Europe. Within the airport, you can enjoy free unlimited basic Internet in all public areas—especially helpful to check routes, rides, or maybe the score of your favorite sports team. If you don’t have your own mobile device, the airport offers Internet Centers in which printing, copying and scanning services are also available. The airport also has many shops, cafes and restaurants to enjoy while waiting for your flight or upon arrival.


Transportation to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Transport to and from Schiphol Airport is simple and easy. Public transportation such as buses or trains will be the least expensive option. Multiple departures leave every hour from the airport metro terminal to Amsterdam Centraal (Central Station) 24 hours per day.

Also be sure to check if your hotel offers a free shuttle service for seamless movement to and from your destination. In addition, Schiphol also offers Business Taxis. Passengers can enjoy this comfortable, luxury taxi service — the perfect way to begin your business or private trip.

Read more on the airport’s website about transportation to and from Schiphol.

Car rental at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Car rental is also possible to get to Amsterdam quickly and easily. SAS can help you with rental services when you purchase a flight ticket, do a car rental search

Rental cars can be picked up and dropped off right at the airport. Plus, as the Netherlands is a relatively small country, you can easily travel from top to bottom in a few days, exploring all the little exciting places off the beaten path. 


Luchthaven Schiphol

Postbus 7501

1118 ZG Schiphol


Telephone number: inside the Netherlands: 0900-0141 – outside the Netherlands: +31-207940800



Transportation in Amsterdam

There are multiple options to quickly get around Amsterdam. Public transport – such as trams, metro, buses, trains and ferries — are all at your disposal. For the metro or tram, you will need to purchase a public transport chip card (OV-Chipkaart) or another valid travel card (i.e. one-hour ticket). 

Plan your journey with public transport in Amsterdam. Or maybe, live as the locals do, and rent a bicycle for your main mode of travel throughout the city. Bike paths are conveniently located, well maintained and offer quick and inexpensive travel throughout the city and beyond.


Public transport chip card and tickets

Throughout most parts of Amsterdam – as well as the rest of the Netherlands – the public transport chip is used when traveling on trams, buses, metros and trains. There are two kinds of public transportation chip cards: Non-personalized and personalized rechargeable cards.

For those on a short stay, such as tourists or business travelers, the non-personalized trip is the best option. You can purchase this at GVB ticket vending machines, GVB Tickets & Info locations as well as selected newsstands and supermarkets. Read more about the chip card and the one-hour tickets on the GVB-website.


Amsterdam – a city built on water

A vision of Amsterdam isn’t complete without their famous waterways. In fact, the Dutch capital is often compared to Venice because of its many canals and bridges – some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Today, more than 60 miles of canals cut through the city’s urban fabric, serving as a reminder of the significant role water played in shaping the Dutch capital, and how it still is a foundation of Amsterdam’s present day. For a more complete tour of all of the canals, visitors can also enjoy a guided canal cruise tour.

The most famous canals are Prinsengract, Herengracht and Keizergracht. On a warm summer day you can find both locals and tourists alike lounging in cafés, overlooking the parade of boats that move through these waterways. You’ll also notice that as much as the canals may be used for leisure – a relaxing Sunday boat ride, or for gathering with friends for example – they’re also functional. Houseboats line many canals and they are also used to transport goods throughout the city. At night, many of the bridges are also lit up, setting the scene for a spectacular, illuminated evening.


The history of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s history can be traced all the way back to the year 1275, when it was first referred to in written text. Count Floris granted the people freedom to navigate the waters surrounding Amsterdam without paying tolls. And its name is quite fitting too. “Amsterdam” comes from the Old Dutch word “Amstelredamme”, which can be translated to “a damn on the river Amstel”.

Throughout history, Amsterdam has not only been a cultural center of the Netherlands, but rather it played a significant role in Europe and the world as well. During the 17th century, Amsterdam (and thus, the Netherlands) reigned supreme as one of the economic world leaders — i.e. the Dutch East India Company. Additionally, many influential people throughout history have called Amsterdam home, including Rembrandt, Anne Frank, Baruch Spinoza and Vincent van Gogh.

Today, the city is still an important financial center in Europe and one of the top culture capitals of the world, attracting millions of visitors each year.


Sights & Attractions in Amsterdam

The laundry list of Amsterdam’s sights and attractions could keep visitors occupied for weeks on end. Historical and cultural history is deeply embedded in its carefully constructed inner streets. Here you will find the Anne Frank House, the world’s oldest stock exchange, the Floating Flower Market, Dam Square, world-class museums, and numerous churches and religious site such as the Oude Kerk (Old Church) dating back to 1306, to name just a few.

You will also notice that the homes in Amsterdam are very long and thin – much like the Dutch themselves! (No really, the Dutch are among the world’s tallest people). Why so? Well, when the city was being built, homeowners had to pay a tax on the width of the front façade of their homes. Thus, the thinner your place, the less taxes to pay. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Amsterdam’s architecture is world famous and worth a visit.



Amsterdam’s canal system is an ideal reflection of a successful endeavor of historical city planning. During the 17th century, more and more people were moving into the city, and a plan was needed to keep everything in order. Residential buildings had to be constructed and a proper city defense had to be installed. The planners then decided to create four main, half circle canals with the ends resting in the IJ Bay – now known as Amsterdam’s waterfront area.

The windmills in Amsterdam

Windmills have been iconic part of the Dutch landscape for centuries. Historically, they were used for industrial purposes such as milling grain or draining the lowlands of excess water, and there were at one point more than 10 000 windmills throughout the Netherlands. Today, there are still eight located in Amsterdam: De Gooyer, De Otter, Molen van Sloten, De 1 200 Roe, De 1 100 Roe, Riekermolen, D’Admiraal and De Bloem. Additionally, the Zaanse Schans is located just outside of Amsterdam with a free open-air museum, complete with eight well-preserved windmills for visitors to see. 

Each May, the Dutch celebrate these iconic structures with National Windmill Day. On this day, the windmills across the country are decorated with flowers, figures and the Dutch flag.

The Van Gogh Museum

Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most famous painters. Located right in the heart of Amsterdam, you will find the Van Gogh Museum, with the largest collection of his work throughout his life – complete with a permanent collection of more than 200 paintings and 500 drawings in addition to temporary exhibitions. The museum has organized their collection so you can experience the different periods of Van Gogh’s life and work chronologically – The Netherlands, Paris, Arles, Saint-Remy and Auvers-sur-Oise.

As you travel through the museum, visitors get a comprehensive look at the brilliant – yet notoriously unstable – painter who played a significant influence on the development of modern art.  Some of the most famous works in the permanent collection include: The Potato Eaters, Sunflowers, Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, Self-Portrait as a Painter, The Yellow House (The Street), and The Bedroom. Be sure to get there early, as it is one of the most popular sites in Amsterdam. Or, you can book your ticket online to skip the lines entirely!


Amsterdam is a shopper's dream 

Amsterdam has numerous areas throughout the city solely dedicated to shopping. Here, you will find completely eclectic blends of innovate and creative little boutique shops selling quirky gadgets, brand name stores, vintage shops, flea markets and much, much more. The main shopping street is Kalverstraat, which cuts through the city center, ending at the famous Dam Square. Here you can find many brand names and interesting products. In addition, if you branch off there are many department stores just adjacent to this street.

For a complete variety of goods – from lifestyle, interior design, fashion, gifts, gourmet food, music and literature – head to Utrechtsestraat. Here, the shops are unique and authentic, the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs of Dutch design.

For the bargain lover, head over to IJ-Hallen in Amsterdam Noord, just a quick ferry ride from Amsterdam Centraal. Here, you will find Europe’s largest flea market! Though it’s not open permanently, rather just a handful of times per year, if you do manage to make it there, there are 500 stands of individuals selling anything from fashion and shoes to records, furniture to décor – the list is endless and the prices are rock bottom.


Art and culture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the cultural capital of the Netherlands, home to world-class museums, theatres, cinemas, live-music venues, urban art, sculptures, cozy cafes and much, much more. The city is constantly evolving, new and innovative interventions are always popping up and there is an endless amount of nooks waiting to be explored.

On the surface, Amsterdam boasts a number of museums that attract millions of visitors each year. The Rijksmuseum is the largest, most imposing. The building itself is a work of art, but if you venture inside, visitors can spend days exploring the many galleries devoted to art of multiple periods and styles. In addition, there is the Van Gogh Museum, The Rembrandt House Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Stedelijk Museum, plus many more. There are also a number of smaller galleries located throughout the city such as the KochXBos Gallery, showing upcoming international artists from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The area of Liedsestraat is bursting with charming cafes and also a number of theatres and cinemas such as the infamous Milkyweg. During the warmer months, the city hosts a number of free public concerts in its many open spaces.  

Amsterdam also has a thriving urban art scene and you can see evidence of this all over the city. There are monuments and street sculptures scattered throughout. This, in combination with the street musicians and street performers, creates a truly unique atmosphere.


Dining & Nightlife in Amsterdam

While Amsterdam is the perfect city to explore by day, visitors will find that it comes alive at night. Lights dot the urban landscape throughout and there are endless cafés and bars scattered all over the city. Whether you enjoy a more classic, traditional bar, a grunge underground scene, a modern and hip gin joint, Amsterdam’s nightlife has something for everyone. Leidseplein is especially popular during the summer and it is an ideal place if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a cold beer or a nice glass of wine.

Amsterdam offers a little bit of everything when it comes to dining. It is a cultural melting pot with a tasty mix of many cultures that call the city home. Thick cut fries are a popular fast snack. Make sure to order  'patatje oorlog' for a dollop of peanut satay sauce, mayo and onions – it’s delicious, we promise. Some other Dutch specialties include: Bitterballen (a crispy fried meatball served with mustard for dipping), Stroopwaffel (two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of caramel syrup), Poffertjes (bite-sized fluffy pancakes usually served with powdered sugar), and, of course, cheese, cheese and more cheese.

In addition to these delicious snacks, Amsterdam is also home to a number of restaurants, from small tapas bars to Michelin-rated establishments. In Amsterdam your possibilities are endless!

Fact box: Amsterdam

Currency: Euro

Time difference: +1

Languages: Dutch, Frisian

Dutch Embassy in the United States: 4200 Linnean Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20008

United States Embassy in the Netherlands: Museumplein 19, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands