How to use SAS for Work

How to use SAS for Work

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all of your business travel needs – online and in the SAS app.

Corporate traveler benefits

Choose your seat in the SAS app

  • Free seat selection in SAS Plus and SAS Business is available to SAS for Work Select and Partner members with a valid CMP code ​

  • Once you've finished booking your trip, retrieve the booking in the SAS app or on SAS' website under My bookings and choose your seat free of charge in SAS Plus & SAS Business.

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Name change for free

  • You can change travelers’ names on tickets free of charge based on SAS’ name change rules

  • Available to all SAS for Work members with a valid CMP code

  • Just contact your agent or SAS Customer Service for assistance

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More to come

Stay tuned! We’ll be adding more unique corporate traveler benefits all the time.

Getting started

Once you’ve joined SAS for Work, just click on the link in the welcome email you received after signing up. Need help? Contact the SAS Corporate Sales Center

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For travel administrators

For travelers

How to book

Just log in on SAS’ website or in the SAS App. There’s a handy switch in the profile menu that allows you to toggle between corporate and private mode.

How to pay

You can pay for trips by credit card as well as by Diners Travel Account or SAS Invoice.

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Diners travel account

SAS Invoice

Keep track of your company's travel

Log in to your SAS for Work account to view trip details and manage your bookings. Travel admins can access statistics on your company’s travel such as the most frequent destinations, total travel spend per month, CO2 emissions and much more.

Contact us

Contact your SAS sales representative, if your company has one. Otherwise, call SAS' Corporate Sales Center for more information and help on how to proceed.