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Flights to Gdańsk

Convenience, comfort and competitive prices are the keywords for SAS flights from the US to Gdańsk in Poland.

The Scandinavian gateway to the Baltics

Getting from the US to Gdańsk is easy with SAS. Our transatlantic flights depart from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. in the US. Transfer at one of our Scandinavian airport hubs (Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm) for a short flight across the Baltic Sea to Gdańsk.

Finding and booking your ticket to Gdańsk is quick and straightforward on our website . There are no hidden charges – and even with a less expensive restricted ticket, you have 24 hours from when you buy your ticket to change or cancel your reservation (for flights departing more than 24 hours from time of purchase).


World-class service and comfort

SAS will get you to your destination comfortably and on time. Choose between three travel classes of outstanding service to tailor the flight to your budget and desired level of comfort. No matter where you’re seated onboard the aircraft, you’ll enjoy an ergonomic seat, high-quality food and a personal entertainment screen with movies, music and games. For a step up from SAS Go, check out the many additional features of SAS Plus and SAS Business.


Gdańsk – capital of amber and ambience

The 1000-year-old seaport city of Gdańsk has a unique, enchanting vibe. Beautifully rebuilt and restored after the destruction of World War II, the city’s delightful waterfront, charming Old Town, elegant buildings and cheerful attitude makes it a perfect city for a European getaway.

The city’s dramatic history of war, revolt, trade and affluence is evident as you walk the streets and visit the city’s monuments and museums. A stroll down the main pedestrian thoroughfare, the Royal Route, takes you past interesting historic buildings and lots of cafés, restaurants and shops.

Located on the Baltic coast, Gdańsk is famous for its amber, and the six-floor Amber Museum is well worth a visit. In the city’s alluring shopping streets, you’ll find many boutiques and street vendors offering excellent amber and silver jewelry as well as quality woodwork and needlework.

A cruise downriver on a pleasure boat is another great way to enjoy this maritime city.

Book your SAS flight to Gdańsk today.