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Flights to France

Go on a shopping spree in Paris! Visit the world class beaches in Nice! Drink award-winning red wine in Burgundy! Get creative in the alternative artist quarters of Marseille! One thing is for sure, if you visit France, there’s no limit to the amount delicious delicacies to eat or superior wine to sip. Bask in the sun at the many beaches dotting the Mediterranean coast or test your slalom skills on the slopes of the French Alps—the possibilities are endless. Book your flight today and experience everything France has to offer.

Fly to France

With SAS you can fly to France via Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco or Washington D.C. Just think of it as falling asleep in one of the most exciting cities in the world and waking up in another! There are a few daily departure choices to choose from, whether your destination is chic Paris, picturesque Montpellier, the coastal city of Nice or the elegant beachside Basque city of Biarritz.


A nation for bon vivants

In France, the emphasis is placed on small pleasures.  Fresh baked bread, savory meats and sausages and mouthwatering cheeses are the back bone of French home cooking—especially paired with a light and fruity glass of Rosé. The country’s capital of Paris is a top culinary destination worldwide, and is sure not to disappoint. Just imagine yourself sitting at a little sidewalk eatery, snacking on a buttery croissant or a more traditional dish, steak tartare, watching the world go by.

While culinary traditions may vary by region and taste, wine is essential for both gourmet food and those who choose to live a more rustic lifestyle. As a matter of fact, it is said that Frenchman drink an average of  80 liters of wine per year – a solid world record! In addition to drinking a lot of wine France also produces large quantities of wine of the highest quality. Each region is said to have its own special features and traditions in growing the grapes, storage and pressure methods – making it the ideal location for a wine-tasting vacation.


Romance and shopping in Paris 

For many people, nothing quite evokes romanticism like the city of Paris. Immortalized in the classical romantic movie Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart’s famous words “We'll always have Paris”, the city is truly the perfect backdrop for making idyllic memories with your loved one. Whether it is strolling by sidewalk cafes on the broad boulevards and along the Seine, exploring the famous sites, or immersing yourself in the many world-class art museums, there’s no where like Paris.

For a break from romance, Paris is also a fashion mecca and offers an enormous range of shopping opportunities that can only begin to be rivaled by U.S. cities such as New York or Los Angeles.


France is for the entire family

France’s vast range of activities also makes it an ideal location for family vacations. If you’re looking for an exciting and upbeat getaway, the bright lights of Paris, with sights such as the Louvre, Eifel Tower, and Notre-Dame Cathedral are sure to dazzle people of all ages, with many kid-friendly hotel options right in the heart of the city. For a more relaxed opportunity, consider the charming countryside, with wide-open landscapes and outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking, or visit the delightful wine-growing area Alsace-Lorraine, where vineyards blanket the hillsides in the north of France.  Looking for a little more history? Visit one of the many castles and fortresses such as the Cité de Carcassonne located in Southern France that give glimpse into French Medieval life. Or maybe, try Provence, full of fragrant lavender fields, picturesque villages and some of the most beautiful beaches tucked elusively into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.


German culture in the French region of Alsace 

Alsace, a northeastern region along the Rhine River plain bordering Germany and Switzerland, offers a particularly unique and interesting view through the historic looking glass. Throughout history, control of the area passed hands between the Germans and the French many times, clearly reflected in the culture today. The official language is French, even though many still speak the particular Alsatian dialect and there are clear German influences. The capital city of Strasbourg, for example, is home to the majestic Strasbourg Cathedral and is full of winding stone streets, half-timber homes and picturesque canals. And don’t forget to visit during Christmas time to experience the traditional Christmas markets in full swing!


Breathtaking landscapes in the Rhône-Alpes

Rhône-Alpes is the historic region in the southeast section of France, bordering both Switzerland and Italy. The landscape is spectacular, home to the French Alps and awe-inspiring canyons that have been carved over time by the Ardèrche River popular for hiking and skiing. The capital of the region is the city of Lyon, with a deep cultural and architectural heritage. And, don’t miss out on the small village of Annecy. Tucked into the mountains this little alpine town is full of winding cobblestone streets, crystal clear canals that run from Lake Annecy and full of outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and cycling.


Beach and culture on the island Corsica

A visit to the mountainous French island of Corsica is well worth a trip if you are vacationing on the Mediterranean coast. Travel time by boat from Nice to Corsica is approximately 3 hours, and the trip itself offers beautiful views of the sensational coastline of the island. Sail directly to Ajaccio, the capital of the island, and explore the town that is also the birthplace of Napoleon. Despite the fact that the island has been under French rule since the 1700s, there is a clear Italian influence which makes for a unique history, cultural development and especially delicious culinary options.

One of the top reasons to visit Corsica is, of course, the stunning variety of beaches – white sand, black sand – you can find it here. For a combination beach and active vacation, Corsica offers a diverse selection of open-air activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, sailing or deep sea diving. Furthermore, several of Corsica’s towns are home to numerous fascinating attractions such as old citadels and castle ruins.


Skiing in France 

France also boasts a number of world-class ski resorts. Millions of vacationers flock to the French Alps each ski season, usually running from November to April, to enjoy the sun, the charming cozy cities and the excellent resorts. But don’t worry if skiing is not your ideal vacation activity, the French ski resorts also offers luxurious spas, swimming, fitness and entertainment. Or, for the more adventurous visitors, snow mobile driving, ice climbing, helicopter flying, tobogganing and parachuting are possibilities, too.

One of the most popular ski areas is Val Thorens, famous for its high quality snow and super-modern, well-maintained conditions. At an altitude of 2300 meters, Val Lorens is the highest ski resort in Europe. Additionally, the area is located in Les 3 Vallées, the world’s largest ski area. The region boasts more than 600 kilometers of ski runs and approximately 200 ski lifts. Another popular ski resort in France is Alpe d'Huez, nicknamed “The Island in the Sun” due to the area's natural sunlight. This resort consists of 250 kilometers of ski runs and is home to the world’s largest ski run.