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Flights to Gothenburg

When you get to Gothenburg make sure to stroll down Kungsportsavenyn as it is the main street of Gothenburg. Commonly known as the Avenyn (or "Avenue"), it's the city's most popular shopping and eating destination. You’ll also find the Museum of Art and several other cultural establishments. You’ll easily find Kungsportsavenyn in Gothenburg's city center – it stretches from the waters at the edge of Gothenburg's old city and ends at Götaplatsen Square. This is also the area with the most pubs and clubs for your entertainment while in Gothenburg.


Liseberg Amusement Park

Liseberg is Scandinavia's largest amusement park. It's a wonderful place for your children. From easy-going carousels to exhilarating roller coasters, Liseberg features rides for children and adults alike. The main stage showcases concerts from famous Swedish and international performers. The park is open from the spring through the fall and briefly in December so you can enjoy a traditional Swedish Christmas market and pony rides.


Slottsskogen (Castle Forest)

Created in 1874 Slottsskogen is one of Gothenburg's family-friendly destinations. Entertain your kids at the popular seal pool and watch the daily feeding (of the seals). At Barnens Zoo children of all ages can learn about and play with live animals. You'll also find a wonderful playground for young children in Plikta.

For a relaxing day, kick back at one of several cozy cafes, go to the grass areas for a family picnic, or play a round of mini golf. Slottskogen is located next to Linneplatsen, not very far from Gothenburg's city center. Admission is free.


Botaniska Trädgården (Botanical Garden)

Founded in 1923 you won't find a larger or more beautiful garden in all of Sweden. Gothenburg's Botanical Garden spans over 430 breathtaking acres. The park is home to over 16,000 different plant species and features a gorgeous bamboo grove, a bulb garden, an herb garden, a Japanese valley, a rock garden, and exotic greenhouses. You’ll find many relaxing areas in which to rest and take it all in. A SEK 20 donation is requested for admission. Gothenburg City card holders get in for free.



Aeroseum is a newly opened aviation discovery centre packed with fascinating experiences for people of all ages, men, children and women alike. The war buff will love it here. Visitors can explore, experience and experiment in the 60 000 square ft subterranean hangar, which was once a state secret.

Exhibits include Draken and Viggen warplanes, civil aircrafts, helicopters, engines and much more. Stop for coffee and refreshments in the underground café and buy aviation articles in the museum shop.


Archipelago of Southern Gothenburg

Imagine a city district with no car traffic, a quiet place where people mill about like they used to before the invention of the automobile! Entirely free of cars, the Southern Archipelago lies just off the coast of Gothenburg. The islands are home to roughly 5000 permanent residents and another 6000 visiting residents during the summer months. As legend has it, the islands were a famous location for duels during the Viking Age. The islands are now perfect for sunbathing and hiking. Enjoy a day in the sun in this quiet car-free sanctuary. The most popular tourist destinations include Styrsö, Asperö and Vrångö.


What's up in Gothenburg


Gothenburg's greatest concentration of pubs and clubs.

World Culture Museum

The world in one building - how do they fit it all?


City district renowned for its picturesque wooden houses and a popular visiting place.

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