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Flights to Östersund

SAS, the largest airline company in Scandinavia, offers international flight tickets to Östersund.


In the middle of this self-appointed republic is the main town, Östersund, offering good shopping, an exciting culture and a rich range of entertainments.


What's up in Östersund


Largest zipline park in Europe, 60 meters (200 feet) up in the air with speeds up to 70km/h (45 mph).


See if you can catch a glimpse of the 400-year old legend.


More than an art hall, a vigorous contemporary voice asking the important questions.


Crew tip


The oldest and biggest festival in Sweden and one of the biggest music festivals in Scandinavia, Storsjöyran attracts both Swedish and international artists. Don't miss out on the President's Speech, celebrating the self-appointed Republic of Jämtland - the crowd always goes wild. /Paul, pilot


Passenger tip


Not far from Östersund is Åre, one of Sweden's most popular destinations for active holidays. Head for Åreskutan in winter and the bike park for mountain biking in the summer. If you are looking for an active vacation, then Åre is one of the best destinations in Sweden. /Maria


Passenger tip

Wedemarks Konditori

Prastgatan 27
Tel. +46 63 51 03 83

Östersund is a café town, with a higher concentration than in most Swedish cities. Wedemarks is one of the more famous. The first smorgåstårta, or "sandwich cake," was created here in the 1960's. Another café worth visiting is Torners konditori, located on Storgatan 24, one of the best in Sweden. /Annica

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