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    • Customer Service plan

      Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)’s Customer Service Plan describes SAS’s customer service commitments consistent with US Department of Transportation regulations. Our Customer Service Plan is intended to provide you with information regarding SAS’s policies, procedures and methods for handling certain aspects of your travel on SAS. The Plan is explicitly separate from and not a part of SAS’s Conditions of Carriage

      This SAS Plan is adopted for all scheduled flights to and from the United States operated or exclusively marketed by SAS.

      Effective: 01 December 2019


      • 1. Offers the lowest available fare
      • 2. Notify you of known delays, cancellations and diversions
      • 3. On time baggage delivery
      • 4. Allow reservations to be held or canceled for a certain period after purchase.(*)
      • 5. Provide prompt ticket refunds
      • 6. Properly accommodate passengers with disabilities and other special needs.
      • 7. Meet passengers’ essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays
      • 8. Treat passengers fairly and consistently in the case of over-sale.
      • 9. Disclose travel itinerary cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules and aircraft configuration.
      • 10. Notifying customers in a timely manner of changes in their travel itineraries.
      • 11. Ensure responsiveness to customer complaints.
      • 12. Provide services to mitigate inconveniences resulting from cancellations and misconnections.