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Flights to Umeå

Located 434 miles (700 kilometers) north of Stockholm, the university town of Umeå is the hub for outdoor activities in northern Sweden. Umeå is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden with over 110,000 residents and was one of two European Capitals of Culture in 2014.

Founded in 1622 by King Gustav II Adolf, Umeå was largely destroyed by fire in 1888. Upon rebuilding, thousands of birch trees were planted to prevent future fires from spreading. The birch population has been maintained and has earned the city the nickname of Björkarnas stad, or "town of silver birches".

In additional to world-class outdoor activities, Umeå features an annual jazz festival, the Norrland Opera, annual film and music festivals and several notable museums. You'll find many eateries, clubs and bars in this popular travel destination.


Umedalen Sculpture Park

The Umedalen Sculpture Park is one of Europe's foremost sculpture parks, having featured the works of over 150 Swedish and international artists. This beautiful gallery focuses on contemporary art and showcases a unique collection of modern sculptures. Eight exhibitions are scheduled from September to May, while summer months feature a massive outdoor art display.

In addition to the finest sculptures, the park also features a wide range of graphic prints.


The Tavelsjöleden trail

The Tavelsjöleden trail is a 39-kilometer adventure that features Umeå's breathtaking geological treasures: caves, heaths with pine trees, valleys, lakes and bogs. At the end of the trail, you'll climb one of the highest mountains in the Umeå area and take in the fascinating view of the Tavelsjö community. You'll find your way with ease as all trails are clearly marked with plenty of rest areas along the way.


The Elk House

Found just to west of Umeå is Älgens hus, or the Elk House). The museum is a complete educational experience and is great for kids and adults alike. The attraction features live elk, up close and personal. Displays include pictures of elk, giant antlers, rock carvings and other interesting finds.

You'll learn about elk habitat, what they eat and see how they survive Sweden’s rugged landscape. Best of all, you'll get to meet these amazingly gentle giants and their young in a comfortable enclosed environment.


Holmön Nature Reserve

Holmön Nature Reserve is comprised of a serene set of islands just off the coast of Umeå. Enjoy sandy beaches, spruce and birch forests and bird watching. The best way to discover the reserve is by bicycle that you can rent locally.

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What's up in Umeå

Sculpture Park

Indoor and outdoor exhibitions of international contemporary art.

Spend a night in prison

Don't worry - they will let you out in the morning.

King of the forest

Tame elks at the Elk House. See the gigantic beast up close.

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