Flight routes

We offer flights that can take you all over the world. With our collaboration with Star Alliance, you can fly to 191 countries around the world and in our Low Fare calendar you will always find our best prices.

Fly from New York

New York-Aalborg New York-Aalesund New York-Aarhus New York-Alta New York-Angelholm / Helsingborg New York-Are / Ostersund New York-Bergen New York-Billund New York-Bodo New York-Copenhagen New York-Denmark New York-Faroe Islands New York-Gothenburg New York-Harstad-Narvik New York-Haugesund New York-Kirkenes New York-Kiruna New York-Kristiansand New York-Kristiansund New York-Longyearbyen New York-Lulea New York-Malmo New York-Norway New York-Oslo New York-Ronneby New York-Skelleftea New York-Stavanger New York-Stockholm New York-Sundsvall / Timrå New York-Sweden New York-Tromso New York-Trondheim New York-Umea New York-Visby Gotland

Fly from Washington

Washington-Aalborg Washington-Aalesund Washington-Aarhus Washington-Alta Washington-Angelholm / Helsingborg Washington-Are / Ostersund Washington-Bergen Washington-Billund Washington-Bodo Washington-Copenhagen Washington-Denmark Washington-Faroe Islands Washington-Gothenburg Washington-Harstad-Narvik Washington-Haugesund Washington-Kirkenes Washington-Kiruna Washington-Kristiansand Washington-Kristiansund Washington-Longyearbyen Washington-Lulea Washington-Malmo Washington-Norway Washington-Oslo Washington-Ronneby Washington-Skelleftea Washington-Stavanger Washington-Stockholm Washington-Sundsvall / Timrå Washington-Sweden Washington-Tromso Washington-Trondheim Washington-Umea Washington-Visby Gotland

Fly from Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Aalborg Los Angeles-Aalesund Los Angeles-Aarhus Los Angeles-Alta Los Angeles-Angelholm / Helsingborg Los Angeles-Are / Ostersund Los Angeles-Bergen Los Angeles-Billund Los Angeles-Bodo Los Angeles-Copenhagen Los Angeles-Denmark Los Angeles-Faroe Islands Los Angeles-Gothenburg Los Angeles-Harstad-Narvik Los Angeles-Haugesund Los Angeles-Kirkenes Los Angeles-Kiruna Los Angeles-Kristiansand Los Angeles-Kristiansund Los Angeles-Longyearbyen Los Angeles-Lulea Los Angeles-Malmo Los Angeles-Norway Los Angeles-Oslo Los Angeles-Ronneby Los Angeles-Skelleftea Los Angeles-Stavanger Los Angeles-Stockholm Los Angeles-Sundsvall / Timrå Los Angeles-Sweden Los Angeles-Tromso Los Angeles-Trondheim Los Angeles-Umea Los Angeles-Visby Gotland

Fly from Miami

Miami-Aalborg Miami-Aalesund Miami-Aarhus Miami-Alta Miami-Angelholm / Helsingborg Miami-Are / Ostersund Miami-Bergen Miami-Billund Miami-Bodo Miami-Copenhagen Miami-Denmark Miami-Faroe Islands Miami-Gothenburg Miami-Harstad-Narvik Miami-Haugesund Miami-Kirkenes Miami-Kiruna Miami-Kristiansand Miami-Kristiansund Miami-Longyearbyen Miami-Lulea Miami-Malmo Miami-Norway Miami-Oslo Miami-Ronneby Miami-Skelleftea Miami-Stavanger Miami-Stockholm Miami-Sundsvall / Timrå Miami-Sweden Miami-Tromso Miami-Trondheim Miami-Umea Miami-Visby Gotland

Fly from Boston

Boston-Aalborg Boston-Aalesund Boston-Aarhus Boston-Alta Boston-Angelholm / Helsingborg Boston-Are / Ostersund Boston-Bergen Boston-Billund Boston-Bodo Boston-Copenhagen Boston-Denmark Boston-Faroe Islands Boston-Gothenburg Boston-Harstad-Narvik Boston-Haugesund Boston-Kirkenes Boston-Kiruna Boston-Kristiansand Boston-Kristiansund Boston-Longyearbyen Boston-Lulea Boston-Malmo Boston-Norway Boston-Oslo Boston-Ronneby Boston-Skelleftea Boston-Stavanger Boston-Stockholm Boston-Sundsvall / Timrå Boston-Sweden Boston-Tromso Boston-Trondheim Boston-Umea Boston-Visby Gotland

Fly from Chicago

Chicago-Aalborg Chicago-Aalesund Chicago-Aarhus Chicago-Alta Chicago-Angelholm / Helsingborg Chicago-Are / Ostersund Chicago-Bergen Chicago-Billund Chicago-Bodo Chicago-Copenhagen Chicago-Denmark Chicago-Faroe Islands Chicago-Gothenburg Chicago-Harstad-Narvik Chicago-Haugesund Chicago-Kirkenes Chicago-Kiruna Chicago-Kristiansand Chicago-Kristiansund Chicago-Longyearbyen Chicago-Lulea Chicago-Malmo Chicago-Norway Chicago-Oslo Chicago-Ronneby Chicago-Skelleftea Chicago-Stavanger Chicago-Stockholm Chicago-Sundsvall / Timrå Chicago-Sweden Chicago-Tromso Chicago-Trondheim Chicago-Umea Chicago-Visby Gotland

Fly from San Francisco

San Francisco-Aalborg San Francisco-Aalesund San Francisco-Aarhus San Francisco-Alta San Francisco-Angelholm / Helsingborg San Francisco-Are / Ostersund San Francisco-Bergen San Francisco-Billund San Francisco-Bodo San Francisco-Copenhagen San Francisco-Denmark San Francisco-Faroe Islands San Francisco-Gothenburg San Francisco-Harstad-Narvik San Francisco-Haugesund San Francisco-Kirkenes San Francisco-Kiruna San Francisco-Kristiansand San Francisco-Kristiansund San Francisco-Longyearbyen San Francisco-Lulea San Francisco-Malmo San Francisco-Norway San Francisco-Oslo San Francisco-Ronneby San Francisco-Skelleftea San Francisco-Stavanger San Francisco-Stockholm San Francisco-Sundsvall / Timrå San Francisco-Sweden San Francisco-Tromso San Francisco-Trondheim San Francisco-Umea San Francisco-Visby Gotland