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Bodø is known as the city of the sea eagle, so named for the white-tailed eagle commonly found in the area. More of these regal animals are found here than anywhere else in the world. The midnight sun is visible June 2-July 10, perfect for a round of evening golf. In the autumn and winter, you’ll experience the Northern Lights radiating high in the evening sky.

Most hotels are located in Bodø's city center. One is located in Saltstraumen about 19 miles (33 kilometers) away. There is also a campsite about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) from the city.

Bodø is known for fabulous fishing. Many of the areaäs lakes and rivers are filled with trout and salmon.


Saltstraumen is home to the world's strongest maelstrom, or whirlpool. It's roughly 19 miles (33 kilometers) east of Bodo. It is the largest tidal current in the world, with up to 14,125 cubic feet (400 million cubic meters) of seawater making its way through a strait 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) long and 492 feet (150 meters) wide.

The maelstrom takes place every six hours, with the current reaching speeds of up to 20 knots, or about 23 miles per hour. The area is extremely popular with fisherman as it attracts an abundance of fish such as cod, halibut and coalfish, Saltstraumen’s most popular catch.


You'll find Kjerringøy about an hour's drive from Bodø. It is located in a quaint, coastal-alpine setting. Kjerringøy is shielded from ocean crests by a collection of small islands and rocks. The small village-like setting is a true geological treasure, featuring steep mountainsides and white sandy beaches. Kjerringøy is a vivacious farming community. Be sure to visit the Kjerringøy Trading Post. You'll find many well preserved buildings at this historic landmark.

The Norwegian Aviation Museum

You'll know the museum the minute you see it. There's a giant propeller by the main road close to Bodø's city centre. You'll find two colossal exhibition halls, one dedicated to civilian aviation and the other to military flight. Explore the first machines of flight to the modern jets of today. Both international efforts and Norway's own aviation innovations are covered.

Nyholmen Bastion

This bastion on the isle of Nyholmen was built during the war of 1807 to protect the factory and town on Hundholmen, later renamed Bodø, against English warships. The bastion was heavily armed. Its walls housed four 12-pound and eight 8-pound cannons. At its fullest capacity, the bastion held 150 soldiers, though it never saw a day of battle: British warships knew to stay away from Nyholmen's powerful arsenal. While restoration efforts are always ongoing, many areas of this celebrated defense post are open to the public.

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What's up in Bodø

A day trip

Kjerringøy, a pearl on the coast of Nordland. Take the ferry and discover the coastal-alpine landscape.

Midnight sun golfing

Play golf in the midnight sun set on a unique location down on the shoreline.


Norwegian Trekking Association provides information on outdoor activities and links to member sites throughout Norway.

Crew tip

Parken Festival

New but fast-growing, Parken Festival is one of many music festivals in the region. They usually manage to get a good lineup of established as well as up-and-coming artists. / Bengt, pilot

Passenger tip


Experience the world's strongest tidal current, just 19 miles (33 kilometers) from the town center. Saltstraumen is famous for its diving and fishing. Visit when the tide is at its highest and marvel at the forces of nature. / Thomas

Passenger tip


City center

One of the best restaurants in northern Norway, the food and pricing is typical for high-end restaurants. But the fish dishes, a Norwegian specialty, are well worth it. / Angela