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Flights to Switzerland

Flights to Switzerland

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From the fairytale-like mountain ranges, snow-capped peaks, stunning scenery and world-class ski resorts to the sparkling, cosmopolitan cities, Switzerland is a the perfect European vacation destination no matter what the season. They are famous for their cheese and chocolate – need we say more – but you’ll find influences from the cultures and regions such as French, Italian and German cooking. Switzerland is also very diverse and multicultural. Geneva is the European home office to the United Nations, attracting workers from all over the world, and you’ll find that almost everyone speaks English – as well as one of the other four national languages.


By plane to Switzerland 

Fly to Switzerland with SAS from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco or Washington D.C. via Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm (depending on route). Book early to save on airfare and when you choose SAS, enjoy a 24 hours right of revocation on your flight tickets and online check-in 22 hours prior to departure. Passengers on intercontinental flights can enjoy food and drinks on board. In addition, WiFi is available for a small fee. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

If you are travelling with children under 2 years (without own seat) they fly either free of charge or with a 90% discount on the flight portion of the ticket price, depending on the destination. Children from 2–11 years get a 25% discount. The discounts do not apply to taxes and fees.


Skiing, hiking and climbing in the Swiss Alps

The world-famous Swiss Alps are located just south of the capital city of Bern and east of Lake Geneva, directly in the Alpine heart of the country. The options for outdoor activities are endless, whether you look forward to hitting the slopes or hiking through the pristine peaks, valleys and lakes that “are alive with the sound of music”. Switzerland is home to a total of 150 ski resorts, including top destinations such as Davos-Klosters, St. Moritz, Arosa Lenzerheide, Saas-Fee, Verbier or Zermatt, a renowned ski resort just under the world-famous Matterhorn. One of the most popular regions for exploring the great outdoors is the Jungfrau Region, home to the mountain railway, which, on a clear day, offers spectacular views of Germany’s Black Forest in one direction and the Italian Alps in another.


Expensive cars and old churches in Zürich

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, and its financial epicenter, with an idyllic location set between river and lake, and snowy peaks looming in the distance. Combine natural beauty with rich culture and nightlife, you can understand why Zürich attracts 8 million tourists each year.

Though known for its wealth, efficiency and liveability, Zürich is also developing as a creative hotpot, embracing modern trends, such as in the conversion of the previous industrial quarter into the heart of the city’s nightlife district, Züri-West. There are also a number of interesting museums and galleries where you can find the works of Rembrandt, Matisse, Warhol, Picasso and Monet. In addition, Zürich is home to a number of historic sights such as the Grossmünster Church, which is nearly 1000 years old. Strolling through the winding streets of the Old Town, you’ll be impressed by how well the historic buildings have been kept and if you need something more glamorous, have a coffee at Paradeplatz, buzzing with expensive cars, designer shops and trendy locals and visitors alike.

If you visit Zürich in April, remember to take part in the city's annual spring festival held the third Monday of April.


A taste experience of a lifetime

A summary of Switzerland wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the food! The cuisine is intriguing and varied across the regions, but at the heart of Swiss cuisine are piquant cheeses, pastries and wines. Some of the most popular cheese dishes are fondue and raclette – both melted delights very popular in the French-speaking region you definitely don’t want to miss out on. They are not only delicious but festive, too, typically eaten with many people. Influences from the Italians bring ample pasta and pizza, and if you’re in the Italian region, known as the Ticino area, test your taste buds at a restaurant type unique to the region: the Grotto. The German Swiss are more focused on hearty sausages and meat dishes, always with a side of potatoes. Apart from the savory, the Swiss are expert pastry makers and each region has its own specialties. Don’t miss out on the world-famous Swiss chocolate either!


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