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Flights to Zürich

SAS, the biggest airline company in Scandinavia, offers daily international flights to Zürich from many destinations in Scandinavia and with connections from Europe, the US and Asia. Our city guide will help you find out what's up and the best tips from SAS crew and passengers.

The charming metropolis of Zürich, Switzerland offers first-class quality of life. Zürich is distinguished by its unparalleled selection of stores lining the world-famous shopping mile, the Bahnhofstrasse, not to mention its broad choice of leisure activities.


What's up in Zürich

Wirtschaft Neumarkt

Check out the garden in this restaurant at Neumarkt 5.


During the day, it's a pool for males only, but in the evening it's one of the best summer bars.


Where's the shop to go to in Zürich to find great stuff? Globus of course!


Crew tip

Hiltl Restaurant

Since 1898, this vegetarian restaurant serves food to its customers, and great food at that. By the way, there is another one called Tibits that belongs to this company and that one you'll find in Seefeld. Fantastic! /Mark, ground crew


Passenger tip

Neumarkt 17

This the most interesting shop I've ever seen. There is no way to explain it. Just go and take a look! /Daniel


Passenger tip

China Garden

Bellerivestrasse at Zürichhorn

You wouldn't expect to find a Chinese garden in Zürich, but there it is! Just walk along the Uto-Quai and you'll sooner or later hit it on the left side. /Klaus