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Fly to Kristiansund

SAS, the largest airline company in Scandinavia, offers international flight tickets to Kristiansund, Norway.


The coastline of southern Norway consists of one long chain of idyllic islands and skerries, all set against a backdrop of lush green forests and lakes and a mountainous and majestic inland.

Kristiansund is a modern city spread across a few islands on the west coast of Norway. The city is set in a scenic landscape of mountains and coastline with a picturesque working harbor. Historically, cod fishing and processing were the main industries in the area.

Today, Kristiansund still processes the bulk of the dried cod in Norway, and you can sample many tasty examples of klippfisk (dried, salted cod) throughout the city's restaurants. Kristiansund is also one of the end points of the Atlantic Road, which offers spectacular views of the coastline, mountains and fjords.



Located in the center of Kristiansund's harbor, the Mellomværftet Shipyard Museum is one of the best, preserved old shipyards in Norway. You can visit the museum any time, year-round and wander through at your leisure.

Here you'll see remnants of the original 19th century shipyard, plus antique and modern boat building equipment.

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