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Flights to Luleå

The Swedish port of Luleå is the gateway to the mountains of the Lapland and the northern tundra.


The city was founded by Gustavus Adolphus in 1621 and moved to its present location in 1649. In the center of the old town of Luleå stands the cathedral and the 10-story town hall. To the east lies Storgatan, the town's main business street and modern shopping center. The Norrbotten Museum is to the south and features a collection of materials on Lapp customs and traditions. To the northwest lies Gültzauudden, a waterfront area with a beach, tennis courts and other sports facilities.


Gammelstad Church Town

Gammelstad Church Town lies six miles outside of Lulea and is listed on the World Heritage List as the best-preserved church village in Northern Sweden. The village consists of small wooden cottages built by churchgoers from remote areas of the region. With almost 500 "church houses," it is the largest church town in Sweden. The World Heritage Site consists of the 14th-century stone church, adjacent cottages, medieval street patterns and buildings dating back to the 17th century. The village is today a living community, with some of the cottages still in use.


Museum of Norrbotten County

Located in central Luleå, the Museum of Norrbotten County celebrates the magnificent geography, culture and nature of Northern Sweden. The museum features displays and programs for adults and children alike. Several temporary exhibits are always on display, and include local art, photography and Luleå's cultural history.

Each Saturday marks the start of new exhibits, while Sundays are dedicated to children's activities and feature special programs and musical entertainment. Admission to the museum is free.


Konstens Hus

Konstens Hus is Luleå's established art gallery where local and international artists showcase their works. The facility is known to highlight different pieces quite often and plays host to guest lecturers and public events. You'll find a small café and a shop that sells local contemporary design crafts as well. Konstens Hus is open daily during the summer months—after mid-August, the days and hours of operation vary. Admission is free.


Teknikens Hus

Chosen as the world's best small science center by the World Conference for Science Centers and Technical Museums, Teknikens Hus is built with Luleå's families in mind. There are multiple hands-on displays ranging from space exploration, (including a small planetarium), Luleå's foresting industry, mining, aerodynamics, and paper milling. You’ll also find an on-site restaurant.

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