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Flights to Warsaw

When you choose SAS for your trip from the US to Warsaw, you'll arrive ready to take on the Polish capital – for business or pleasure.


US to Warsaw: the easy way

SAS transatlantic flights depart from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Transfer at our modern airport hubs (depending on route) Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm and continue onward to Warsaw.

It's easy to find and book competitively priced SAS flights on our website. There are no hidden fees, and you can change or cancel even a restricted ticket within 24 hours of purchase (for flights departing more than 24 hours from time of purchase).


Warsaw – city of change

The capital and largest city of Poland, Warsaw is a "phoenix" city. Razed to the ground during world war II, Warsaw was rebuilt during the Communist regime. The result is a mix of drab housing projects and meticulously restored historic buildings. Many old buildings from the former Prussia, Germany were moved to Warsaw as part of the rebuilding.

Since Poland’s part entry into the European Union, the city is experiencing an economic boom transforming the city yet again – this time into a thriving, modern European city. Please note Poland is still using the currency Zloty instead of Euros.

You will be amazed by how the city change from medieval houses to modern skyscrapers in just a few hundred feet.

A highlight of this destination is the charming Old Town area, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Take a stroll down the historic streets and alleys, or watch the world go by from a cozy café. Warsaw boasts a large number of green areas, where you can relax away from the pulsating streets of Warsaw.

The romantic park-and-palace complex in The Royal Baths Park in downtown Warsaw is one of Europe's most beautiful parks. In the park you’ll also find a monument to the composer Frédéric Chopin, the city's famous son.

For a panoramic view of Warsaw and the Vistula River, visit the new rooftop gardens at Warsaw University's library.

Chopin Museum

Make sure you visit the Chopin Museum. Housed in Ostrogski Palace (Pałac Ostrogskich), strikingly situated on the Vistula bank, it is a baroque-classical gem of a building. The Museum’s beginnings date back to the 1930s: in 1935, the Chopin Institute (as it was called then), founded by prominent representatives of culture, began to procure and collect several valuable manuscripts from Chopins relatives.

As such, the museum’s exhibits make up the world’s richest and most varied collection of memorabilia related to both Chopin as an individual, and his work. Chopins original piano is also in the collection.

Warsaw city of food

Warsaw has developed into a culinary jungle of different styles and taste. You can get everything from American steaks to Zulu tribal food. One thing you must try is the local “hunter´s platter” – a plate with different fried meats often grilled live by the staff as you watch. This dish is meant for sharing with your partner, as the portions often are overwhelming in size.

Another thing to try is the pivo or beer, but be careful - European beer is often considerably stronger than its American counterpart!

More about Warsaw on the official city site