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Fly to Tromsø

SAS, the largest airline company in Scandinavia offers international flight tickets to Tromsø, Norway.


The capital of the Arctic is a lively, humorous and beautiful city packed with culture and history, and surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands.


What's up in Tromsø

Lyngen Alps

If you come for mountains and fjords, the nearby Lyngen Alps is the place for you.

Panoramic views

The cable car takes you up to 420 meters (1380 ft.) above sea level and offers a great view.

Midnight Sun

Experience 24 hours of daylight.

Tromsø is a fun and lively city in northern Norway set on an island and surrounded by beautiful scenery—snow-capped mountains, fjords, other islands and glaciers. The city is known as the "gateway to the Arctic" and is the launch point for many polar expeditions.

Tromsø has a reputation as a party town. There are more pubs here per capita than anywhere else in Norway. The summer is the time of the midnight sun and Tromsø becomes a non-stop party with something going on nearly 24 hours a day.

Between November and January, the sun never rises above the horizon. But even in the winter, there is plenty to do in Tromsø. You can go dog-sledding, skiing, snowmobiling or reindeer sledding. In the summer, you can partake in other outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, whale safaris and fishing. Year-round, the city is full of festivals, performances and events, including the Midnight Sun Marathon and the Reindeer Racing Championship, which runs right down Main Street.

From Tromsø, you're able to get a good view of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), and there are many expeditions that will take you just outside of town away from city lights to view this amazing natural light show.


Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is probably the most distinctive landmark in Tromsø. The cathedral is set across the harbor from the city, and you have to cross a bridge to reach it. The building was structured to capture light and huge stained glass windows cover one side of the building. In the summer, Midnight Sun concerts are held here.


Polaria and the Polar Museum

Polaria is one of the most popular museums in Tromsø. The museum features many exhibits on the ecology and climate of the Arctic. However, the highlight of Polaria is the large aquarium, which houses fish from the Arctic waters and a number of playful Arctic seals.

Also worth a visit is the Polar Museum. Although similarly named, the Polar Museum is a separate museum from Polaria and is focused on the history of Arctic explorers and fishermen in the area. The Polar Museum is housed in a traditional wharf house from the 19th century.


The Northern Lights

Tromsø is one of the best cities in the world to view the spectacular Northern Lights. You’ll get the best view a little ways out of town away from the city lights. October, February and March are usually the best times of the year for viewing.


Storsteinen Fjellheis

For a spectacular view of Tromsø, the water and mountains, take the Fijelheis cable car up Storsteinen Mountain. At the top, there is a restaurant as well as several hiking trails to explore. You might also catch a glimpse of the midnight sun or Northern Lights from up here.

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