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Flying to Sweden from the US takes between 8 and 9 hours and we want you to feel comfortable while you are up in the air. Thus, we serve coffee or tea onboard and you can read the daily newspaper – all is free of charge, of course.

In fact everything is included in your flight ticket before, during and after your flight:

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Insider tips to wonderful Sweden

There are several flights available between the US and Sweden

With SAS you can fly direct to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, from either Chicago or New York and with connecting flights it is also possible to fly from Washington, Houston and San Fransisco. With connections in the capital city of Stockholm, Oslo in Norway or Copenhagen in Denmark, SAS offer flights to 27 destinations throughout Sweden including Kiruna in the North, Luleå, Skellefteå, Umeå and Sundsvall on the East Coast, Östersund in the West, Linköping, Gothenburg, Kalmar, Ronny, Malmö and Ängelholm in the South and Visby situated on a small island off the South East Coast.

Child discount – get up to 90% to Sweden

When flying to Sweden with us you can always find great discounts on your children’s flight tickets. For infants and children under 2 years of age you can enjoy up to 90% discount on the price of their ticket and it is free of charge to carry a pram/stroller with you. For children 2-11 years of age you can enjoy a discount of up to 25%.

Feel free to contact our crew in the airport if it is your first time flying with kids. They know how to take extra good care of you as first time traveler with children.

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More leg room and wider seats to Sweden? Choose a SAS Plus ticket

It is no secret that the flight to Sweden is a long one. With a SAS Plus ticket you can get even more comfort during a long trip. The SAS Plus ticket does not only include more leg room and wider seats but among many other benefits it also gives you access to our Fast Track (your fastest way through the gate) and our lounge areas in New York, Chicago, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Read more about the different types of tickets and all the benefits of SAS Plus

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Visit Sweden

With a population of just over 9 million, Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries, and its history and culture are only part of the countries amazing appeal. This lightly populated country is home to islands, forests, towering mountains, crystal-clear waters and star-lit views. You’ll find Sweden every bit as charming as you'd imagine. The landscape is rugged, yet serene.

It’s a relaxing experience traveling to Sweden, as the people, known to be some of the world's most earnest, are genuine and friendly.

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Swedish culture

Sweden is often known for its tradition of being an open, yet restrained, country, with an advanced welfare state, and the standard of living is among the highest in the world. Swedish politics has, largely, been dominated by the Social Democratic Party, which started out as a labour movement in the end of the 19th century.

For those that travel to Sweden for the first time, some might think the Swedes seem a little reserved at first, but fear not, once they get to know you, they will become as friendly and warm as you’d wish. As with many Nordic countries, Sweden values privacy - it is not uncommon to see world famous stars walking down Swedish streets, completely undisturbed by the people around them.

Sweden's highly efficient rail network spans the entire country. You'll travel in comfort aboard some of Europe's most modern trains. First- and second-class seating is available, as well as couchettes and sleeping cars for longer trips. Buses also operate on a frequent basis and link from train stations to smaller cities and villages. For more convenient travel, bus service may be combined with railway tickets.

Cities of Sweden

Sweden's cities uniquely blend historic cultures with the modern age. One of the world's most unique capital cities, Stockholm, spans over 14 islands and simply must be seen, and is a common reason many choose to travel to Sweden. The Old Town, with its cobblestone streets, speaks of days past. Drottningholm Palace, the official home of Sweden's royal family, boasts some of the world's most interesting architectural design.

Consider visiting Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. The city has something for everyone: Liseberg Amusement Park, the Röhsska Museum, and the Haga/Linnéstanden shopping area are just some of the popular attractions. Many travelers also consider the city a great base for exploring the northern and southern coastal towns.

Malmö, Sweden's most cosmopolitan destination, partly due to its close proximity to Copenhagen by way of the Øresund Bridge. Be sure to visit Lund Cathedral, Åhus, a well preserved Swedish style village, Glimmingehus, a knight's castle, and the Sophiaro (the king's summer castle).

Attractions in Sweden

Most parts of Sweden are less populated than much of Europe, in particular Norrland, where the national park Laponia is located.

Get ready for outdoor adventure in Sweden — all you have to do is pick the season in which to visit. The spring and summer months are packed with activities for you and your family. The clean, unspoiled waters offer a fishing experience unlike any in the world. There are thousands of miles of bike paths just waiting to be explored. And with about 3000 kilometers of coastline, Sweden is a water enthusiast’s dream—perfect for sailing, canoeing, swimming, or just soaking up the sun.

If winter recreation is more your scene, you'll find no better experience. Sweden's downhill and cross-country ski trails are legendary, but there's so much more. Mush your way through the rugged landscape with your own dogsled team. Rent a snowmobile and explore thousands of square miles of clean, open territory. Or take a traditional “trip skating” adventure to lands accessible only with blades on your feet.

When it comes to shopping, travellers to Sweden might find the Dala Horse, the unofficial national symbol, a great souvenir to bring home. Made from wood, these small horses trace their history to the province of Dalarna, from which they gets their name, all the way back to the 17th century.

Another common souvenir is Swedish glass, famous across the globe for its beauty. While also a success worldwide with its mass produced table glass, its reputation comes from the many skilled artists that have produced complex, modern, and innovative creations throughout the years.

Brief history of Sweden

What would become the modern country known as Sweden, started out back in 1397, when the country join the Kalmar Union, as well as in the 16th century when it was unified by King Gustav Vasa.

In the 17th century, Sweden started expanding its territories, but soon after, in the 18th century, had to give most of these up. By the 19th century, Finland and the remaining territories outside of the Scandinavian peninsula were lost.

While Sweden used to be a military power, and spanning almost 3 times its size, the country has not participated in a war since 1814. In fact, the Swedish focus on peace has been so strong, that it has largely remained outside of any military alliances, including during both World Wars.

In 1995, Sweden joined the European Union, but soon after in 2003 decided not to commit to the European Monetary Union & Euro currency.


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