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Flights to Kalmar

SAS – the biggest airline company in Scandinavia – offers international flight tickets to Kalmar.

What's up in Kalmar


Take a ferry or the 4-mile-long (6 km) bridge to the second-largest island in Sweden.

Land of Pippi Longstocking

Visit the world of Astrid Lindgren in her hometown.

City Park

Bring the picnic basket and enjoy the soothing environment of the Kalmar town park.


Crew tip

Kalmar Castle

The town of Kalmar is well preserved and a lot of work has been put in restoring the town's old buildings. Kalmar Castle and the nearby Old Town are perfect examples. / Jessica, air purser


Passenger tip

Kalmar County Museum

Skeppsbrogatan 51
Tel. +46 480 45 13 00

The museum's main attraction is the The Royal Ship Kronan, which sank in the Baltic Sea in the 17th century. It's a well built exhibition with dioramas, models, movies, reconstructed underwater environments and a large number of artifacts from the site. / Frank


Passenger tip

Kingdom of Crystal

Only 45 minutes from Kalmar, you'll find the Kingdom of Crystal or Glasriket. It's a geographical area today containing a total of 15 glassworks. The larger ones have museums and are open for visitors to see the glassblowing hall. Take the opportunity to buy all kinds of glass products, including glasses, vases and unique glass ornaments, from Orrefors Glasbruk & Kosta Boda. / Marianne

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