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Flights to Lakselv

SAS, the largest airline company in Scandinavia, offers cheap international flight tickets to Lakselv, Norway.


Scenic or adventures nature experiences are never far away, Lakselv promise an unforgettable visit.


What's up in Lakselv


There are a number of festivals in the Finnmark region. Just pick one off the list.

More fishing

The Stuenes Lodge is located right on the riverbank of Lakselv, known as "the big salmon river".

Northern Lights

Hunt for the Aurora Borealis! October, February and March are the best months for auroral observations in northern Norway.


Crew tip

King Crab Festival

Tel. +47 908 91 558

The annual king crab festival takes place in October. if you can't make it, try one of the king crab safaris. They usually ends with the crew preparing the crabs for you - ugly but delicious. / Jonas, pilot


Passenger tip

Porsanger Fjordopplevelser

Tel. +4741 46 67 49

A rib boat trip towards the North Cape passing through the Porsangerfjord and the most northern archipelago in the world.This is something you cannot miss out on. / Annika


Passenger tip

Arctic view

Tel. +47 78 42 48 00

If you are heading for North Cape, make a stop at the Arctic View. Built around a windmill park, it offers interesting architecture and a great view. The serve local specialties such as the gigantic king crab. / Lars


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