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    • Terms and conditions 31 October 2020

      Our vision is to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers.

      EuroBonus is SAS’ loyalty program and with EuroBonus you are part of a community experiencing easy, joyful and reliable services, delivered the Scandinavian way. As a member in the EuroBonus program, you can earn points on purchases and activities offered by us and by our and SAS’ business partners that entitle you to receive personalised rewards and benefits.These EuroBonus Terms and Conditions are applicable to the EuroBonus program. By remaining or enrolling in the EuroBonus program, online or otherwise, you confirm that you accept these EuroBonus Terms and Conditions.

      Effective: 31 October, 2020


      • 1. Our aim for the EuroBonus program
      • 2. About the EuroBonus membership
      • 3. Earning points
      • 4. Using points
      • 5. Personal data
      • 6. General
      • 7. Disputes and applicable legislation