Group travels

Share your travel adventures with your friends and family, colleagues or sports team. We offer reduced pricing when traveling with SAS in groups of 10 people or more. For travelers younger than 26 we offer special Youth group discounts.

If your place of residence is United States, please contact your local travel agency to make your group booking with SAS.

Group of 10 people or more

If you are traveling in a group of 10 people or more, you can make a group reservation. This gives you more flexible ticket options at the best possible rates, compared to traveling individually.

Make a group request

Youth groups

Youth groups must consist of a minimum of 80% travelers who are under the age of 26. It can also include a few adults.

Make a youth group request

Remember to book your group as early as possible for the best prices.

Benefits & details

  • Additional payment flexibility compared to individual tickets.

  • Name changes close to departure free of charge (further details in your confirmation).

  • One free checked bag per person.

  • Complimentary seat assignment when travelers' names are reported.

  • Preferred seating available for additional fee.

  • Earn EuroBonus points.

  • Discounted group fares for youth on flights within Scandinavia and Europe.

A youth group can include a few people over 25, so that adults can travel with the youth group. 20% of the group members can be 26 or older (e.g. a group consisting of 10 travelers can include 8 young passengers and 2 adults. All 10 travelers will obtain the discount).

Group fares can be upgraded from SAS Go to SAS Plus at a fixed price, per direction and person. Upgrades are subject to availability. Upgrade is not available from Asia/ the US to Scandinavia.

Fee for upgrade

  • Domestic flights within Sweden, Norway, Denmark: from 200 DKK/200 NOK/200 SEK

  • European flights: from 300 DKK/300 NOK/300 SEK

  • To Asia and the US: from 1 500 DKK/1 500 NOK/1 500 SEK.


  • Baggage allowance and onboard service according to SAS Plus.

  • Speed through the security control with Fast Track.

  • Free access to SAS Lounges when traveling from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen or Gothenburg (except SAS Gold Lounge).

  • SAS Business check-in.

  • EuroBonus points earned according to booking class.

  • Onboard service according to SAS Plus.

Contact us for more information.

Would you like a special meal, seat assignment or extra bag? Please contact Group Sales with the traveler's name and we will help you with your request.

  • Group fares may differ from individual ticket prices but give you more flexibility when you are planning your trip.

  • Indicate your cabin preference when booking; you can choose either SAS Business, SAS Plus or SAS Go. If no indication is made we will book your tickets in SAS Go. You can request to combine cabin types on any part of your journey.

Guarantee your group – get a lower price

There is an additional way to save. Receive a discount by committing to travel within 14–21 days of receiving your quote. If this offer is available for your specific flight, date, and time, our Group sales will include this in your offer. Not applicable for youth groups.

There is always one check-in bag included in the group ticket price. Depending on your EuroBonus membership level and your travel class you might also be allowed additional check-in bags.

  • Your will receive additional information on our terms and conditions when we confirm you booking.

  • Youth groups must be requested at least 30 days befored departure.