Onboard SAs business cabin


You know you deserve it! Travel in even more style and comfort by upgrading to SAS Plus or SAS Business. You can place a bid for an upgrade online or buy an upgrade at the airport, depending on availability.

  • Travel in greater comfort
  • Speed through security and relax in the lounge
  • Enjoy a complimentary 3-course meal, drinks and snacks

What you’ll enjoy

Make your trip even better with access to fast track and our stylish lounges, complimentary food and drinks on board and much more.

Benefits of SAS Plus

  • Speed through security with fast track (where available).

  • Relax in SAS Lounges (where available).

  • Stretch out in wider, more comfortable seats with extra legroom on flights to and from Asia and North America.

  • Enjoy complimentary food and beverages on board.

Benefits of SAS Business

  • Speed through security with fast track (where available).

  • Relax in SAS Lounges (where available).

  • Delight in a delicious 3-course meal and wide selection of beverages, fruit and snacks.

  • Relax in a massage seat that converts into a fully flat bed.

  • Freshen up with a complimentary comfort kit.

  • Surf all the way with free WiFi (where available).

Service on board

How it works

Choose to upgrade to either SAS Plus or SAS Business. Then enter your bid and payment details. If your bid isn’t accepted, you’ll keep your original seat and you won’t pay anything.

If you get your upgrade, we’ll charge your credit card/debit points from your EuroBonus account and you’ll get an upgraded boarding pass at check-in.

We’ll email you to let you know whether or not your upgrade bid was accepted between 25 and 6 hours before departure. Sometimes, it may also be possible to bid again. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know if you’re eligible to place another bid.

Good to know

Good to know

Upgrade your trip by placing a bid when you book or under My bookings up to 6 hours before departure on flights to and from North America and Asia and up to 25 hours before departure on flights within Europe.

On flights to North America and Asia, you can place multiple bids. This mean that if you don’t get your SAS Business upgrade, you’ll still have a chance to be upgraded to SAS Plus.

If you’re a EuroBonus Diamond, Gold or Silver member, you’ll have an even greater chance of getting your upgrade.

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