2. Cancellation & refund

Review the refund rules of your ticket to check what you are entitled to.

Refund rules applicable for all ticket types

The refund amount will be based on the ticket rules. We do not refund service charges and cancellation fees. The amount is refunded to the form of payment/s used when you bought the ticket and if any Travel extras.

If your flight has been canceled by SAS, you will receive a full refund including service charges, cancellation fees and Travel extras.

24h money-back guarantee

All tickets may be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours from time of purchase. If the ticket is bought less than 24 hours prior to departure you may cancel your ticket no later than 12 hours before departure to get a full refund.

Fully refundable tickets

You are entitled to a full refund in the following scenarios:

  • Ticket types: SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Pro and SAS Business Pro

  • Bonus trips with SAS and Star Alliance
    - you can cancel up to 24 hours before outbound departure
    - valid points are refunded, expired points will not be refunded

Tickets refundable for a fee

Some ticket types can be refunded against a fee.

  • Ticket types: SAS Plus Smart and SAS Business Smart (except from Canada and the US)

Non-refundable tickets

We will refund taxes for the following ticket types:

  • SAS Go Light

  • SAS Go Smart

  • SAS Business Smart (from Canada and the US)

  • Youth tickets

Tickets paid with points and cash

If you paid your ticket with EuroBonus points in combination with another form of payment, you need to check the refund rules for the ticket.

How to cancel and apply for refund

Tickets issued by SAS

  • Go to My bookings.

  • Search for your trip using your booking reference and last name, or login to view your booking. You can find your booking reference on your e-ticket or itinerary, or in the SAS app.

  • Open your booking and select "Cancel & Refund” and follow the instructions.

When your booking is canceled, the refundable amount will be credited within 7 working days. If you for some reason cannot apply for your refund online, please call SAS customer service and one of our agents will assist you.

Tickets issued by a travel agent

To request a refund for a flight ticket booked through a travel agent or online travel agency, either contact them directly or you can fill out this form.


If SAS has canceled a flight and you want to refund your ticket, you have the option to choose a voucher. The voucher can be used for all SAS destinations by you or another traveler. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of the issue. Read more about our SAS Travel Voucher.

Cancel due to visa rejection

In the case of a visa rejection, you can cancel a trip booked directly through SAS by uploading a copy of your official visa rejection.

Cancel due to death in immediate family

We're very sorry to hear about your loss. We'll help you cancel and refund your tickets. Please fill out this form.

Refund status

You can at any time check the status of your submitted refund request or SAS Travel Voucher request.

Less refund than expected?

Refund of the purchased ticket is dependent on:

  • If you canceled your booking but none of your flights were canceled by the airline at that time, your refund amount is based on your ticket rules.

  • If your ticket was a SAS Go Light or a SAS Go Smart ticket only taxes are refunded. The ticket fare and international/domestic fees/surcharges are not refunded.

  • If you had a refundable ticket against a fee, the full amount minus the fee is refunded. SAS Plus Smart and SAS Business Smart are examples of ticket types that are refundable against a fee.

  • If you've booked a round trip ticket and only want to fly one way, you will get a refund according to the ticket rules for the part not used. You will receive the refund after you have completed your trip.