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    • Tarmac delay contingency plan

      Scandinavian Airlines System’s Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays describes what SAS will implement during a lengthy tarmac delay. 

      SAS’s goal is to make every flight a safe and pleasant experience for our customers. SAS’s Plan will be activated during times when customers on these flights are experiencing tarmac irregular operations involving a lengthy tarmac delay. In most cases the cause of lengthy tarmac delays is outside of SAS’s reasonable control (e.g., weather events, inefficiencies of today’s air traffic control (ATC) systems, government operating restrictions, and airport construction projects). There also may be times when unanticipated flights delays may occur due to airline operations, but no matter what the cause, SAS commits to implement measures under this Plan.

      US & Canada

      • SAS's Contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays US
      • SAS's Contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays Canada