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    • Unaccompanied Minors

      SAS offers an Unaccompanied minor service for children age 5–17 on flights within Scandinavia and Europe and age 5–15 on most other flights. Your child is in safe hands with us before, during and after their flight. 

      Every year 65 000 children travel alone with us. Children age 5–11 must use our Unaccompanied minor service to travel alone, unless they're traveling with another person who is at least 16 years old. For children age 12–17, the Unaccompanied minor service is voluntary.

      If the journey is within Norway and includes flights with Wideroe (WF) please make your reservation here.

      On some of our flights, the crew may be English-speaking only.

      Detailed information

      • How to book
      • Before the trip
      • Help through the airport
      • Onboard care
      • At the destination
      • Fare rules & fees