Restricted & prohibited items

For safety reasons it is forbidden for you to carry any dangerous goods items in your baggage. While specific restrictions apply to the transport of some items, other items cannot be brought onto the plane at all.

Airport security staff have the right to seize items they consider to be a risk to flight safety. For this reason, your carry-on and checked baggage will undergo careful inspection at the airport.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may endanger the safety of an aircraft, passengers or cargo on board.

  • You may not bring objects that present a risk of injury to you, another traveler or SAS employees, such as items with a sharp point or sharp edge, onboard SAS flights.

  • Certain items, such as flammable, corrosive, radioactive or oxidizing items are considered dangerous goods and may not be carried on the aircraft.

  • Electronic cigars, pipes and cigarettes may not be used onboard SAS flights. These items must remain in your carry-on during the entire trip.

  • SAS complies with IATA guidelines for dangerous goods as well as Federal Aviation Administration guidelines (FAA).

  • There are certain restrictions for carrying lithium batteries, and SAS follows the IATA guidelines for transport of lithium batteries.

  • Hover boards and mono wheels powered by lithium batteries must be sent as cargo and may not be carried in checked or carry-on bags.

You can bring a limited amount of liquid, such as as toothpaste, lotion, mascara, perfume, in your carry-on baggage through security:

  • Max. 100 mls per container

  • You must pack all containers in one transparent, resealable bag (max. 1L)

Containers that are larger than 100 ml each regardless of amount inside must be in checked baggage.

The following items may be allowed over these limits

  • You can bring enough baby milk and baby food needed during the flight.

  • You can bring medicines and injections, for personal use, onboard. They must be kept in a separate bag.

Powder – or powder-like substances in cans containing more than 350 ml each, may not be carried in the passenger’s carry-on baggage on SAS flights to the US, with the following exceptions:

  • Medicines in powder form, with valid prescription.

  • Baby food and powder used on small children for body care – in original packages.

  • Urns with cremation ash.

We recommended that you pack your powder-like substances In your checked baggage. For further information, see the website of the US Transport Security Administration (TSA).

There are special regulations on importing and exporting animal products in the EU. Visit European Commission website to find out more.

For security reasons the European Commission prohibits carrying certain items on the aircraft. When traveling to, from or via the US, please visit the Federal Aviation Administration.

It is not permitted to carry fragile items or items with a special value in checked baggage on SAS flights. Note: SAS is not responsible for any loss, delay or damage if such items are carried in checked baggage. Show more in SAS’ Conditions of Carriage.

Examples of fragile items

The following items may not be packed in checked baggage:

  • Business documents, passports or other types of identification

  • Cash, securities or other valuables

  • Prescription medicine

  • Personal items such as glasses, sunglasses, keys

  • Lamps and mirrors

  • Musical instruments (unless packed in hard case as checked baggage)

  • Technical equipment (camera, laptop, phone, tv, microwave or other electronic devices)

  • Jewels or other precious metals