Trumf and EuroBonus

TRUMF in Norway, partner with EuroBonus! The new partnership with Trumf means that you can convert the Trumf bonus-kroner you earn on your everyday shopping to SAS EuroBonus Extra points. This gives you a new opportunity of earning more points to spend on award travels - faster. Trumf is the bonus program of the largest retail company in Norway, Norgesgruppen. As a Trumf member you earn a bonus every time you shop in more than 1400 stores, also when buying fuel at all Shell gas stations.




Exchange bonuskroner to EuroBonus points now

Boost your EuroBonus account with Trumf, exchange Trumf bonus-kroner to SAS EuroBonus Extra points.

Examples Average buy/year BonusYou saveConverts to
Groceries 72 000 NOK 1% 720 NOK 10 000 Extra points
Groceries - Trumf Visa card* 72 000 NOK 2% 2160 NOK 30 000 Extra points
Shell in Norway 600 liters 0,30 NOK/liter 180 NOK 2500 Extra points
Shell MasterCard* 600 liters 0,40 NOK/liter 240 NOK 3333 Extra points

* Credit card with Trumf cooperation also provides a Trumf 1% bonus on all other purchases.


  Information in Norwegian language, click here.

Are you already a EuroBonus and Trumf member?

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