Warsaw holiday and travel guide

Warsaw holiday and travel guide

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, may seem unidimensional at first glance. Look a little deeper and you’ll find a vibrant city reinventing itself after a rough past. During World War II, the majority of the city and its poulation was destroyed by the Nazis. The city was rebuilt during the Soviet era - primarily in a drab monotone style – but with a few notable exceptions. Landmarks like Old Town (Stare Miasto) and the Palace of Culture & Science lend a unique character to the city’s landscape.

Warsaw is also the cultural capital of Poland with theaters, restaurants, museums, nightclubs and festivals spread throughout the city. Visit Warsaw, especially during the summer, and you’ll be captivated by the city’s energetic vibe and ongoing transformation.

Stare Miasto (Old Town)

Stare Miasto (Old Town) is one of the primary tourist attractions in Warsaw. Completely destroyed during World War II, Old Town was rebuilt to resemble the area's former appearance during its glory days of the 16th through 18th centuries. Cobblestone streets are lined by Gothic houses and buildings. The Old Town Square features many cafes and art stalls, as well as the Historical Museum of Warsaw and the statue of the Warsaw mermaid. Old Town also features other popular city attractions, including the Royal Castle and St. John's Cathedral, the oldest church in Warsaw.

Palace of Culture & Science

The Palace of Culture & Science is an unforgettable landmark in the midst of Warsaw's commercial district. The building looks like a giant wedding cake - and many consider it an eyesore. Inside the building are offices, a puppet theater, a cineplex, shops and museums. The highlight is a ride up to the 30th floor for a panoramic view of the city.

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What's up in Warsaw

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10,000 square metres (107,000 square feet) of roof garden await you on the Warsaw University Library roof.

The district located on the east bank of the Vistula River is definitely worth a visit.



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A very modern and different restaurant and café, with a menu that takes its inspiration from different parts of the world. This place is definitely worth a visit. I think you will love it. / Catherine, flight attendant

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This is my favorite in Warsaw. It's next to Saski Park and always features fantastic exhibitions. Just check out what's happening there and pop in. / Szymon

Passenger tip

Fabryka Trzciny

A great center for arts and education, it has a performance hall, theatrical stage, exhibition hall, club & lounge as well as a multitude of spaces designated for film screenings, fashion shows and similar events. / Rome



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