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With SAS, booking flights to Lithuania has never been easier. Visit the SAS website to find departures, book tickets and check in online. You can also find out more about Lithuania and other destinations where SAS flies. For your convenience, SAS offers flight connections to Lithuania from 4 hubs in the US and additional flights to major destinations across Europe.


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Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, alone or with family, SAS wants you to have the most pleasant journey possible. During your flight, enjoy world-class service, ergonomic seats, a broad range of in-flight entertainment and varied menu choices.

If you're flying in SAS Business or SAS Plus, to which one can upgrade from SAS Go, take advantage of Fast Track security access where available. We also offer a 24-hour return policy to help take the hassle out of last-minute itinerary changes. All passengers can only refund/change restricted tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

Traveling with children is easy and convenient on SAS. We offer a number of options to help ensure a pleasant flight for everyone. Entertainment systems are built into every seat and feature a variety of movie channels, music, stories and video games. You can order infant and kids meals 24 hours in advance on SAS transatlantic flights. You can also book bassinets for babies up to nine months old. All passengers can earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points to use towards future flights, hotel stays and car rentals.


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Plan your trip today and book your Lithuania flights on SAS. Go to our website to find departures, book tickets, research destinations and check in online quickly and easily. SAS has convenient Lithuania flights from more than 100 cities in the US. We also offer direct flights to major cities in Scandinavia from our four US hubs: New York Newark, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.



Visit quirky and charming Lithuania and you'll be rewarded with beautiful scenery, vibrant cities and unique attractions. The country's capital, Vilnius, is host to Europe's largest Old Town (a UNESCO Heritage site), numerous World War II and Soviet-era memorials—and oddly enough, a statue of American musician, Frank Zappa. Lithuania's landscape is also worth exploring—especially the Curonian Spit, one of the longest sea spits in the world.

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The first Baltic nation to declare independence from the Soviet Union, Lithuania is a quirky, charming country filled with beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities and unique attractions. The capital city, Vilnius, is small but what it lacks in size, it makes up in culture, architecture and odd charm. Pay a visit to Lithuania and you'll be enchanted by its natural beauty and eccentricities.

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Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, was also a European Culture Capital in 2009. The city is a definitely a contrast between the old and the modern. Baroque and Gothic architecture prevail. The city’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the largest in eastern Europe. At the same time, the city is also home to an unofficial independent republic of artists, as well as the world's only statue of musician Frank Zappa, an American, erected by the city’s Frank Zappa fan club.

Reminders of Lithuania's tragic history during World War II and the Soviet regime can be found throughout the city - in the Old Jewish quarter and Paneriai Memorial as well as the Museum of Genocide Victims, built on the city’s old KGB headquarters.

Curonian Spit National Park

The Curonian Spit is one of the longest sea spits in the world and is located between the Curonian lagoon and the Baltic Sea. The park is home to wildlife such as elk, deer and numerous types of birds. Impressive sand dunes add to the scenery, which also consists of beautiful coastline, fishing villages and beaches. A great way to see the spit is by bike—bike rentals are available throughout the park. The Curonian Spit National Park was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Hill of Crosses

The Hill of Crosses is a Christian pilgrimage site in the northern part of Lithuania. Individuals have made the journey to the Hill of Crosses since the 19th century to place a cross at the site. Throughout Lithuania's history, the hill has been damaged and rebuilt several times.

It is unknown exactly how many crosses are part of this site — numbers range anywhere from 50,000 to millions.


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