Flights to Kristiansund

Flights to Kristiansund

Traveling from the US to Kristiansund is easy and convenient with SAS.

SAS offers flights from New York Newark, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco to our efficient Scandinavian airport hubs with connecting flights to Kristiansund.

When you fly with SAS, you’ll arrive ready for a true Scandinavian adventure. Located right at the ocean’s edge, Kristiansund and the breathtakingly beautiful Norwegian seaside and countryside offer experiences to remember for a lifetime.

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Kristiansund, sea-faring history and timeless beauty

The ocean is at the heart of Kristiansund’s past, present and future. Situated on a collection of islands, Kristiansund has Norway’s finest natural harbor located right in the city center. Kristiansund is famous for salted, dried codfish, named “klippfisk” in Norwegian. You can learn about the 300-year history of klippfisk production and trade as well as the city’s maritime history at Kristiansund’s klippfisk museum, the city’s shipbuilding museum and other interesting local museums.

Kristiansund is a gateway to the fascinating Atlantic Road. This unique 5.2 mile road is known as the world’s most beautiful drive. Continue your Norwegian quest with activities such as deep sea fishing, kayaking along the rugged coastline, a killer whale winter safari or exceptional mountain hiking. Or relax with a visit to the picturesque archipelago of Grip with its tiny fishing village and a small, traditional wooden church built around 1470. Today, Kristiansund is a leading oil and gas city.

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