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With flight connections to Ireland from more than 100 cities in the US, SAS makes flying to Ireland convenient and easy. Our website offers everything you need to find Ireland flights, book tickets and check in online. You can also research travel information about Ireland and other destinations where SAS flies.

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With world class service, multiple in-flight entertainment options and a variety of menu choices, SAS is focused on making sure you have the most enjoyable journey possible to your destination. All of our planes are equipped with ergonomic seats for more comfort during your flight.

Passengers in SAS Business or SAS Plus, which one can upgrade to from SAS Go, can take advantage of Fast Track security access where available. All passengers can refund/change restricted tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

For families flying with kids, SAS offers a number of convenient options. All of our planes have entertainment systems in every seat with movie channels, music, stories and video games.

On transatlantic SAS flights, you can order infant and kids meals up to 24 hours in advance. 
You can also book ahead for baby bassinets for infants up to nine months of age.

All passengers can earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points to use towards future trips, hotel stays and car rentals.


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Visit the SAS website to start your travel planning for Ireland flights to easily find departures, book your tickets and check in online. We offer flight connections to Ireland from 4 hubs in the USNew York, Washington, Chicago & San Franciscoas well as flights to many other destinations across Europe.


About Ireland

With its emerald green hills and jagged coastline, Ireland is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Dramatic and varied landscapes make the country an ideal place for outdoor exploration.

Ireland's ancient history offers a number of archaeological sites worth visiting, including Newgrange, a massive passage tomb more than 5000 years old. For a change of pace, visit Dublin, the country's capital, a vibrant city full of museums, parks and friendly Dubliners.

Explore the Emerald Islebook your flights to Ireland online with SAS.

With its emerald green hills and jagged coastline, Ireland is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. The gorgeous scenery is complemented by vibrant cities such as Dublin and the ever-welcoming Irish hospitality.

You'll make many friends in Ireland, whether over a beer or whiskey or wandering through the many towns and cities in the country. The natural surroundings make Ireland an ideal place for outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, kayaking, horseback riding and even surfing.

Ireland also has its share of ancient history, and you can still see ruins of structures built thousands of years ago.

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Natural beauty

Ireland's stunning scenery encompasses dramatic and varied landscapes, including peat bogs, rolling green hills, dramatic mountains and rugged coastlines. On the Beara Peninsula, you can visit a number of archaeological sites while enjoying the scenic views.

The Ring of Kerry offers up gorgeous countryside, making it an extremely popular destination. Also popular, the Killarney National Park is filled with wildlife and plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking and climbing.

The Connemara region features the majestic Twelve Bens mountain range along with sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast. In the northwest, Donegal offers rugged, wild coastlines showcasing Europe's tallest sea cliffs.

For a change of scenery, take a walk through Slieve Blooms, Ireland's largest blanket bog, with tranquil scenery that provides an escape from the tourist crowds.


Dublin to Belfast

Not to be outdone by the beautiful scenery, Ireland's cities are equally impressive. Dublin, the capital, is a fun, vibrant city full of museums, parks and friendly Dubliners who will ensure you have a great time.

In the North, Belfast is quickly shedding its rough reputation of the past and turning into a city you don’t want to miss—with historic pubs, upscale shopping, high-end restaurants, hip hotels and a vibrant nightlife. Cork, the cultural center of southern Ireland, plays host to many arts and music performances and festivals through the year.

No matter what city you visit in Ireland, make sure you take the time to have a pint or two in a local pub. Enjoy the Irish hospitality, beer and whiskey and you’ll likely to come away with new friends.

Ancient wonders

While you're in Ireland, don't miss seeing some of the awe-inspiring ancient wonders that exist throughout the country. Ireland is home to one of the world's most famous prehistoric sites, Newgrange, a massive passage tomb more than 5000 years old. Nearby are the ruins of the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of power in Ireland.

Ireland also has its share of castles, including the Rock of Cashel, one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the country. Also spectacular are the monastic ruins of Clonmacnois built in 548 AD and overlooking the River Shannon. When you make your visit to kiss the Blarney Stone as many visitors do, make sure you take the time to look around Blarney Castle as well.


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