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The flight to Finland is 10 hours, so we want you to feel comfortable while you are airborne. We serve a warm meal onboard while you enjoy the latest programming in our personal entertainment system.

Everything is included in your flight before, during & after your flight:
  • 51 lb. checked baggage allowance
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • Online check-in
  • Food, drink & personal entertainment onboard
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SAS flies to the airport Helsinki-Vantaa the primary international airport that serves Finland. Helsinki Airport is about 30 minutes (10.6 miles) from downtown Helsinki. Take the Finnair airport express bus or city bus Number 615. Taxis are parked right outside the arrival areas of the terminals and a trip to Helsinki costs around $50.


SAS flies to Finland from New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco by way of our Scandinavian hubs in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo.


Save both time & money when you fly to Finland. If you are looking for cheap flights to Finland, we recommend that you book your flight ticket early to maximize the possibility of finding a flight at the best price.

Remember that we offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee. Book a great deal right away without any worries. Change your mind? Just cancel within 24 hours and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!

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When you fly to Finland with us, our personnel will take care of our most important passengers onboard. Contact our crew in the airport if it is your first time flying with children. They will know how to take extra good care of you.


It is no secret that the flight to Finland is long. With a SAS Plus ticket, you can get even more comfort during a long trip. SAS Plus offers seating in a separate cabin, an in-seat electric outlet, a three-course meal, SAS Fast Track  - your fastest way through the gate - &SAS lounge access where available.


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Finland captures the extremes of wild and sophisticated all in one country. The expanses of wilderness throughout Finland extend all the way up to remote Finnish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. Finland's capital, Helsinki, is a cosmopolitan, modern city that leads the way in avant-garde design. 

In the summer, the sun barely sets over Finland, giving you hours of daylight to enjoy outdoor activities in Finland’s numerous forests, lakes, rivers and mountains. In the winter, when it's dark most of the day, there are plenty of snow activities such as skiing, sledding, ice fishing and reindeer races to keep you entertained. Regardless of when you visit Finland, make sure to join the locals at the sauna, an essential part of the Finnish lifestyle.

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If you’re interested in architecture and design, then a visit to Helsinki is a must. The city is well known for its design — a mix of quirky, modern decor and Art Nouveau from the early 20th century. Helsinki is surrounded by water, making the vibrant harbor a center of activity in the city. Helsinki also has one of the world’s highest standards of living and is a business as well as cultural center for Finland.


Sauna, or sweat bath, is a staple of Finnish life—as indispensable as rye bread. You can find a sauna just about everywhere in Finland - even in remote Lapland. The sauna has been around for about 2000 years and used for everything from curing meat to giving birth. Whether you finish off with a roll in the snow or dip in an icy lake, the sauna ritual is always the same:sweat, whisk (slap yourself with birch twigs), wash and cool off.

The sauna was once a place of magic and superstition, mostly to do with healing and love. Nowadays, the sauna is about socializing, cleanliness and well being. A sauna is relaxing, exhilarating and, above all, fun.


Lapland lies above the Arctic Circle and is the largest region in Finland, but the most sparsely populated. In Lapland, you can experience the long days of the Midnight Sun and the long periods of darkness of the polar nights.  The wilderness here is stunning—with pristine national parks filled with forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife, including wolverines, bears, eagles and lots of reindeer. Lapland is also a good place to view the spectacular aurora borealis or Northern Lights.


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