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Finding and booking flights to Bodø, Norway, is easy with SAS. If you are flying from the US to Scandinavia, book your flights to Bodø and check in online. We offer non-stop flights to major Scandinavian cities from New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco as well as a number of connections to Bodø from other cities in the US.


Comfort and convenience

During every step of the process, SAS is focused on making your flight the most pleasant experience possible—from booking your Bodø flights to arriving at your destination.  We have a 24-hour return policy and many departure options from the US.

SAS offers a broad range of in-flight entertainment, a variety of menu choices and ergonomic seats in our planes—all for your comfort and convenience. Passengers can earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points, which can be used towards future flights, hotel stays and car rentals. In addition, passengers in SAS Business and SAS Plus, to which one can upgrade from SAS Go, can take advantage Fast Track security access where available.

We also offer a number of options for families traveling with children. Bassinets for babies up to nine months old or sleeping bags for older children can be booked in advance. You can also arrange for infant and children's meals on SAS transatlantic flights when you order with at least 24 hours' notice. In addition, every seat has an entertainment system with multiple movie channels, music, stories and video games.

Online booking

Book your Bodø flights quickly and easily online. We offer convenient connections to Bodø from more than 100 cities in the US —as well as non-stop services to other cities in Scandinavia from New York Newark, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.

About Bodø

Bodø, Norway, is known as the city of the sea eagle, so named for the white-tailed eagle commonly found in the area. This region has the greatest concentration of these regal animals in the world. The midnight sun is visible June 2-July 10, perfect for a round of evening golf. In the autumn and winter, you’ll experience the northern lights radiating high in the evening sky. Bodø is also known for fabulous fishing with many lakes and rivers filled with trout and salmon.

Experience all that Bodø has to offer and book your Bodø flights on SAS today.



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