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SAS offers connections to Belgium from four hubs in the US: New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco. Booking your flights to Belgium with SAS is quick and easy on our website. We make it convenient to check departures, book tickets and check in online. You can also research travel information about Belgium and other destinations where SAS flies.

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Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, SAS offers world-class service and a broad range of in-flight options to ensure a pleasant journey to your destination.

All of our planes are equipped with ergonomic seats so you can relax and enjoy your flight.  In the air, you can enjoy a broad range of in-flight entertainment and a variety of menu choices. Passengers in SAS Business and SAS Plus, to which one can upgrade from SAS Go, can take advantage of Fast Track security access where available. We also have a 24-hour money-back guarantee just in case you have a last-minute change in plans. Passengers can only refund/change restricted tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

Travel with children is also practical with SAS. Our planes are equipped with an entertainment system in every seat, featuring movie channels, music, stories and video games. You can order infant and children's meals at least 24 hours in advance on SAS transatlantic flights. You can also book bassinets for babies up to nine months old or sleeping bags for older children.

Both kids and adults can earn EuroBonus points on their flights to use towards future flightshotel stays and car rentals.

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Start planning your Belgium flights today on the SAS website. Find Belgium flights, book tickets, research destinations and check in online quickly and easily. SAS makes it convenient to fly to Belgium with direct flights to major cities in Scandinavia from our four US hubs: New YorkWashingtonChicago & San Francisco.


Belgium is a meeting place of different cultures, with something to offer every traveler. The country is divided into two areas, Flanders and Wallonia. Visit Belgium's cosmopolitan capital Brussels or get a snapshot of medieval times in Bruges and Ghent.

Art lovers can admire masterpieces from great Flemish artists, such as Bosch and Magritte. Chocoholics and beer aficionados can indulge their cravings with Belgium’s famous chocolate pralines and locally crafted Belgian lambic beers.

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Belgium may be one of Europe’s smaller countries, but it has more than its fair share of sights and activities to keep you coming back for more. Historically, Belgium has been a meeting place of different cultures, which is still evident within the country's architecture and lifestyle. The country is divided into two areas, Flanders in the north and Wallonia in the south. Brussels, Belgium’s cosmopolitan capital, sits in the center of the country and is home of the European Union and NATO.

Combining the old with the new, Belgium has something to offer every traveler. Chocoholics and beer aficionados can indulge their cravings. Art lovers can admire masterpieces created by the great Flemish artists. The Grand Place is a must-see while you're in Brussels—the picturesque and lively city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Bruges and Ghent, cobblestone streets, canals and Gothic architecture give you a snapshot of medieval times. Medieval and modern collide in Antwerp, where gothic architecture mixes with a celebrated fashion scene and energetic club culture.

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Belgium has had a significant influence on Western art, producing master painters from the 15th to 20th centuries. Art museums in cities across Belgium showcase paintings from Flemish artists such as Bosch, van Eyck, Brueghel and Magritte.

Chocolates and beer

While Belgium has many local delicacies, probably the most popular are the Belgian chocolates and beer. Belgian chocolates are often considered some of the best in the world. The country is most famous for its pralines — chocolates with a filling in the center. Chocolates are sold throughout Belgium, but Brussels in particular has a proliferation of chocolatiers to keep your cravings at bay.

Belgian beer has an equally dedicated following in Belgium. There are breweries all over the country, brewing more than 450 different varieties of beer. Take a tour through any number of breweries to see how the different varieties are made — including Belgium's lambic beer, which is highly regulated and can only be brewed in a certain part of Belgium.


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