SAS Smart Pass for EuroBonus Gold members

To make the airport flow faster for you, SAS now launches a new product; SAS Smart Pass. With a SAS Smart Pass you can easily identify your trip at the airport in a convenient way!

What is SAS Smart Pass and for whom?

SAS Smart Pass is available for you as a EuroBonus Gold member with home address within Scandinavia.

From 26 March 2012!
Use your Smart Pass when traveling domestic with SAS in the three Scandinavian countries, and when you travel from one Scandinavian country to countries in Schengen. We begin to send out to the Smart Pass EuroBonus Gold members in Norway and Denmark on the 20th March 2012. 

SAS Smart Pass offers you a quick, time efficient and easy travel experience with SAS! You identify your trip by holding up your SAS Smart Pass against readers at various touch points at the airports. We recommend that you attach your SAS Smart Pass on your cell phone – as you always have your phone with you!

The cell phone can be switched off – SAS Smart Pass works anyway! And you can use SAS Smart Pass to check in and register baggage in our SAS Self Service Kiosks, to pass through security and SAS Fast Track, to enter SAS lounges and as a boarding pass when you board the aircraft -  SAS Smart Pass gives you all in one.

How do I use the SAS Smart Pass
By holding up your cell phone with your SAS Smart Pass close to the reader, you identify your trip in a simple and time efficient way. Your EuroBonus number is integrated in the SAS Smart Pass and the number is visible on the sticker.

Where can I use SAS Smart Pass
The SAS Smart Pass can be used to identify your trip at SAS Self Service kiosks, security and gates including turnstiles. SAS Smart Pass readers will also be installed at SAS Fast Track and at SAS lounges where available. The SAS Smart Pass readers are easy to recognize as you find the same graphical symbol on both the SAS Smart Pass and the Smart Pass readers.

When can I use SAS Smart Pass
SAS Smart Pass will be available for travel with SAS domestic flights within Sweden and from Sweden with SAS flights to countries within Schengen. We will then gradually implement SAS Smart Pass in Denmark and Norway. Once the product is installed at all SAS airports within Scandinavia, you can use your SAS Smart Pass for travel on SAS within Scandinavia and from Scandinavia to the Schengen countries.

What technology is behind SAS Smart Pass
SAS Smart Pass is based on NFC (Near Field Communication), the latest in mobile services. NFC is a wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices in the proximity of 5 cm. Your SAS Smart Pass is a sticker which we recommend that you attach to your cell phone. The SAS Smart Pass sticker contains an NFC antenna with a transmitter that is activated when you hold the SAS Smart Pass close to a NFC reader.

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