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Lufthansa operates through hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Vienna and Zurich hubs and is a member of Star Alliance


Earn points

  • You earn Basic points that you can use to level up to a higher membership level in selected booking classes as shown below. All other booking classes are excluded.
  • Basic points can be used for award trips and other rewards.
  • The principle is simple: the more you fly, the more points you earn.
  • Just use your EuroBonus number when you book.

Domestic flights in Europe:

Business Economy Economy (low)
500 – 1 000 points 500 – 750 points 125 – 250 points
C, D, J (1000)
Z (750)
P (500) 
Y, B (750)
H, M, U (500)
W, Q, V, S (250)
K, L. T (125)

European routes:

  Business Economy Economy (low)
Points 750 – 2 000 500 – 1 250 125 – 250
Classes C, D, J (2000)
Z (1250)
P (750)
Y, B (1250)
H, M, U (750)
Q, V (500)
S, W (250)
K, L, T (125)

Flights Worldwide: point earnings based on miles flown 

  Business Economy  Economy (low)
Points fr. 500 fr. 500 fr. 125
Classes F, A (300%)
C, D, J (200%)
Z (150%)
P (100%) 
G, E (150%)
N (100%)
Y, B, M, H, U(100%)
W, Q, V, S (50%)
K, L, T (25%)

Use points

  • You can use points on flights operated by  Lufthansa, except on charter flights.
  • You can also use your points to upgrade.

Claim missing points

If you forget to register your EuroBonus number when you fly, buy or stay, you have six months to claim them.