Flights to Lebanon

Fly SAS to explore beautiful Beirut in Lebanon. Walk by the waterfront, visit the souks, explore the city’s booming nightlife and enjoy the view of Pigeon Rocks. And eat – Lebanon has food for most taste buds.

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SAS flies to Lebanon from/via Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm and offers flights to Beirut. We fly to most of our destinations all year round. A few of our destinations are seasonal.

We fly from all our destinations in Europe, the US (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.), Canada (Toronto), and Asia (Bangkok, Tokyo and Shanghai).

Fly to Lebanon – Enjoy the Lebanese cuisine

Meze, falafel and baklava – there is so much food to enjoy in Lebanon. For breakfast you might want to try ful medames and bread – a dip made from cooked fava beans, flavored with lemon and different spices, served with bread. For dinner you can enjoy the flavors of parsley, mint and bulgur in the Lebanese tabbouleh. Enjoy it with kafta, a chicken, beef or lamb meatball style dish served on a skewer.

And don’t miss kibbeh, the national dish. It’s spicy minced meat, pine nuts and bulgur served as a croquette. Kibbeh can either be raw, baked or fried.

Tyre – home to two of Lebanon’s five UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites

83 kilometers south of Beirut you’ll find another beautiful coastal town – Tyre. The antique town of Tyre is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, and it dates to approximately 2750 BC.

Tyre is home to two of Lebanon’s five UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites; Al-Bass and Al-Mina. Al-Bass consists of several roman and byzantine ruins; a necropolis, a triumphal arch, roman baths and a large hippodrome.

According to legend purple dye was invented in Tyre.

Flights to <em>Lebanon</em>

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Experience Lebanon with the kids. SAS offers discounts on children’s tickets to make it more affordable to bring your kids on your trip to Lebanon. Infants (7 weeks–2 years old), sitting on the lap of an adult get up to 90% discount on the fare. Children between 2–11 get up to 25% discount.

If you want your infant to have a seat of their own the price is the same as for a child age 2–11.

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