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SAS flies to Luleå in Sweden from/via OsloCopenhagen or Stockholm (depending on route). 

We fly from all our destinations in Europe, the US (BostonChicagoLos AngelesMiamiNew YorkSan Francisco and Washington D.C.) and Asia (TokyoShanghaiBeijing and Singapore).

SAS customers enjoy a 24-hour money back guarantee on any booking. If the trip is booked less than 24 hours before departure, you can cancel it up to 12 hours before departure.

Benefits on your flight to Luleå – book now

Book your trip on SAS well in advance, and you might enjoy cheaper flights. Visit our low fare calendar for a total overview of all SAS destinations. As a SAS customer you’ll enjoy a 24-hour money back guarantee on any booking. If you find a great offer, snap it up while you can and decide later. 

  • cl--plane-right Airport: Lulea Airport (LLA)
  • cl--credit Currency: Swedish Krona
  • cl--clock Time zone: CET: UTC+1/CEST: UTC+2
  • cl--globe Official language: Swedish

Discounted tickets for kids

Experience Luleå with the kids. We offer up to 90% discounts on children’s tickets to make it more affordable to bring your kids on your trip to Luleå. 

Board a flight to Luleå and enjoy a trip to Swedish Lapland

The coastal city of Luleå is found in Swedish Lapland and is known for its beautiful church town, home to a cluster of well preserved wooden houses and the Nederluleå stone church which dates right back to the 1400s. 

While largely used as a gateway to the surrounding national parks and areas of outstanding beauty, Luleå town centre is well worth a visit as its home to a handful of cultural centers and museums showcasing the areas local history, art and culture. Head offshore to the Bay of Bothnia and you’ll find a network of islands home to soft sand beaches and seals!  

Weekend in Luleå
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Always included in your trip to Luleå

At SAS, we strive to ensure our customers have a relaxed and comfortable trip. Regardless of which ticket type you carry, you’ll always enjoy the SAS customer benefit. Always included in your flight to Luleå is easy online check-in, coffee and tea onboard and use of the SAS App

Included in your travel class: SAS GO SAS PLUS
24-hour money back guarantee Yes Yes
Carry-on 1 x 8 kg 2 x 8 kg
Checked bag(s) LIGHT
1 x 23 kg
2 x 23 kg
Fast Track* No Yes
SAS Lounge* Can be added for a fee Yes
Food & drinks No

*When available

Explore the world with SAS EuroBonus

We are travelers.

EuroBonus gives you more of the world at your fingertips. As a member of EuroBonus you will  earn points on your flights with us and our partner airlines in Star Alliance. You can use the points to pay for your next trip, upgrade or rent a car, among other things. 

We CO2 offset trips when a EuroBonus number is added to the booking on a Scandinavian Airlines flight. Learn more about our sustainability work

SAS CO2 offsets all EuroBonus members trips

If you are not a member already, it’s free and easy to join. Create a EuroBonus account and earn points on your trip.

Accomodation and transportation in Luleå

Get everything ready for your trip to Luleå. Book your hotel room or make a reservation for a rental car and you’re all set.

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