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Luleå is one of Sweden's most appealing coastal cities. It's growing quickly and has plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. This reflects the fact that Luleå is attracting more visitors thanks to its history, culture, charming marina and wonderful archipelago.

Things to do and see

One of the most popular places to visit in Luleå is Gammelstad. This area was the hub of northern Sweden in the medieval era. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s easy to see why. Take a walk around Gammelstad and you'll see 424 ancient wooden houses, some of which are open for public viewing. You'll also find a stone church that dates from 1492.

To learn more about Luleå’s history, check out Norrbottens Museum. You can learn about the Sami people and their lifestyle here. You can also read about the history of the 800-year old harbour and the development of the city from 1621 onwards.

If you enjoy modern art, make sure you go to Kulturens Hus on Smedjegatan. If you enjoy interactive exhibits about technology, catch a bus to the university campus 4 km north of Luleå and visit Teknikens Hus.

In the evening, Luleå offers you a great choice of places to eat and drink. Why not follow the example of many people, residents and tourists alike, and combine your meal with a trip to one of the concerts at Kulturens Hus? Alternatively, visit one of the three stages at Norrbottensteatern, the theatre at the northern harbour.


Perhaps the one thing that draws most visitors to Luleå is the archipelago. There are more than 700 islands that present a mix of forest, cliffs and moors.

Dotted on the islands are homes, holiday centres and camping sites. You can stay in one of these and spot birds such as razorbills, ptarmigans and black grouse, or explore the ruins of fishing villages and gaze in wonder at the many mazes.

There are more than 100 mazes widely believed to have been used for fertility and agricultural rituals on the islands of Luleå out of the 300 mazes worldwide that share these distinct patterns. They date from different periods and appear to have a connection to ancient mazes in the Mediterranean.

To reach the archipelago's mazes, ruins and wildlife, catch a ferry from the city’s harbour. You can travel from island to island or simply stay on board and enjoy a tour.

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