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    • Flight point chart

      Discover where your points can take you. Here you'll see how many points you need for a round trip ticket with SAS and Wideroe, Star Alliance and other airline partners. 

      SAS/Wideroe flights

      You can combine SAS Bonus tickets with regular tickets for points in the same booking. The points listed are for a round trip ticket excluding taxes and carrier-imposed fees. One-way bonus trips are available at 60% of the points for a round trip.

      Bonus flights within Europe chart table
      Region SAS Bonus tickets Regular tickets for points
      Domestic in Denmark, Norway and Sweden SAS Go 10,000
      SAS Plus 20,000
      SAS Go fr. 14,300
      SAS Plus fr. 29,000
      Between Nordic+ countries
      (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland)
      SAS Go 20,000
      SAS Plus 30,000
      SAS Go fr. 28,600
      SAS Plus fr. 47,000
      Between Nordic+ and  Europe SAS Go 30,000
      SAS Plus 50,000
      SAS Go fr. 42,900
      SAS Plus fr. 71,400
      Between other European countries SAS Go 50,000
      SAS Plus 70,000
      SAS Go fr. 71,000
      SAS Plus fr. 98,000
      To/from Asia and the US SAS Go 60,000
      SAS Plus 80,000
      SAS Business 100,000
      SAS Go fr. 90,000 
      SAS Plus fr. 115,000
      SAS Business fr. 200,000

      Star Alliance flights

      As part of the Star Alliance flight awards you can combine flights with SAS and Star Alliance partners, as well as other airline partners, within one award trip. 

      Point chart for Star Alliance flights

      Other airlines

      Earn more points

      Are you missing points for a bonus trip? Check out how you can earn points on your everyday purchases to reach the point level you want.

      Earn points