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Flights to the US

Book a flight to USA and experience everything from pulsating city vibes to unique nature. In USA it is cheap to rent a car and it is therefore the perfect place for a classic road trip where you can easily explore parts of USA. If you wish to travel in USA, it is recommended to book your flight early.

On all of our flights to USA (except for Boston) we have WiFi and you will get free coffee or tea as well as today's newspaper. 


SAS flies directly from Copenhagen to five big cities in USA and covers both the East Coast, the West Coast and central USA, so you can easily travel onwards to your preferred destination. Book your flight to either BostonNew York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Miami.

If you travel with children under 2 years (without own seat) they will travel either free of charge or with a 90 % discount on the flight portion of the ticket, depending on the destination. Children at the age of 2-11 get a 25 % discount. The discounts do not apply to taxes and fees. 


Experience skyscrapers, fascinating museums and world class shopping in  New York. The city is a metropolis you will never forget due to its many different attractions, unique neighbourhoods and tons of excellent restaurants and bars. Explore, for example, New York's vibrant neighbourhoods Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and, none the least, Manhattan, and take a break in on of the many cosy coffee bars and watch the busy streets with its many different minorities.

New York also equals shopping. Swing by Upper West Side and Madison Avenue, where the city's exclusive stores are side by side. Visit also Soho where you can browse through small art shops and galleries.

New York is the home of some of the world's most interesting museums and historical buildings – visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and see fantastic art in grand museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum or the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA. 


A visit to USA's capital Washington DC offers unique monuments and some of the world's very best museums. Do not miss the memorial statue of Abraham Lincoln and the Washington Monument which was erected to honour the first president of USA, George Washington. Do also not miss out on a visit to the White House, where there are several guided tours daily.


USA is a massive country and is easiest to explore by car. In USA it is cheap to rent a car, making it the perfect destination for a classic road trip through parts of USA. A road trip through California has become a popular choice for many Danes and offers unique experiences for the whole family. Get on a flight from Copenhagen to San Francisco, rent a car from there and explore USA's climate-friendly West Coast, home of the attractive cities Los Angeles and San Diego. Also go on a hike in fantastic natural surroundings and visit the natural parks  Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone where mountains, rocks, rivers and wildlife becomes a part of your hike.

Combine your active holiday with a sun holiday and visit some of the best beaches of the West Coast. Here there are also plenty of opportunities to surf tall waves, and it is likely that you will see a dolphin or a whale.