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Flights to Molde

Flights to Molde, Norway - A holiday for all seasons

Molde, Norway is an exciting city full of interesting attractions. It makes a wonderful destination for a weekend getaway for couples or an extended holiday with friends or family.

Molde is known as the "city of roses" thanks to the beauty of the landscape and scenic surroundings. Within the city itself, attractions include the Romsdal Museum, Fisheries Museum on Hjertøya, Rose Maiden, Town Hall, Royal Birch and Peace Grove. Nearby Varden offers an unmatched view of the entire area around the city.

After arrival, travellers can hike the Moldemarka, bicycle through the local islands, or take guided tours of the marvellous Trollstigen and Trollvegge. Nearby Skaret provides an historic fairytale world. Various activities include angling in the local streams, sea rafting, kayaking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Something may be found to fulfil the desires of every traveller. Handcrafted items, souvenirs, clothing, locally made cheeses, wines and other foods are available at neighbourhood markets.

A Nordic country in northern Europe, Norway occupies the western portion of Scandinavia. The Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is also located in this area. The Romsdal valley, with its deep historic roots, is part of the county of Møre og Romsdal, where Molde is located. A diocese of the Church of Norway, the bishop’s residence and cathedral are located in the administrative centre of Molde.

Molde is defined by extraordinary geographical features: mountain ranges, valleys, fjords, open plains and unreal coastlines. The area is known for textile production. Much of these textiles are made from spinning raw wool fibres, cotton, linen and other materials into thread. These are then woven into beautiful garments which often have hand stitching added. The city consists of an idyllic township with quaint, colourful wooden houses, extensive gardens and parks, pavilions and esplanades. The luxurious hotels available often hosted the Prince of Wales in years past.

Thirty kilometres of hilly and mostly wooded recreational area, known as Moldemarka, lies north of Molde. It has fantastic hiking, biking and horseback riding trails. Long, narrow inlets with steep cliffs were created by historical glacial movement cutting U-shaped valleys which were then excavated into the V-shape by water drainage. Moldefjord is a 40-mile-long northern branch of Romsdalsfjord which is the ninth longest fjord in Norway.

Molde has a temperate climate with cool-to-warm summers and relatively mild winters. Due to its location, the region experiences frequent snowstorms. Skiing in resorts on groomed trails, cross country and back country skiing are all popular winter activities. Summer rock climbing becomes ice climbing in winter over icefalls, frozen waterfalls, rock slabs and cliffs covered with ice and snow. Taking inexpensive flights to Molde will give every visitor a holiday of memories to enjoy for years to come.