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Flights to Haugesund


Cheap flights to Haugesund

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History of Haugesund

Haugesund is said to be the homeland of the Viking kings as well as the birthplace of Norway. While the Vikings have come and gone, many Viking-themed activities still take place in Haugesund. You can either take part in them or simply enjoy them as a spectator.

There are a number of activities and excursions that visitors can indulge in, including hiking Steinsfjellet, one of Haugesund’s highest peaks, from which you can see great views of the city below.

There are also a number of idyllic neighbouring islands worth checking out for something a little special, including Utsira and Røvær, both a short boat ride from the city’s harbour.


Modern offerings

Haugesund offers visitors a number of attractions from its rich history to its modern festivals. The Norwegian International Film Festival in August draws in impressive crowds and gives cinema lovers a taste of the latest in film.

Visit to Haugesund can also stop by a monument to Marilyn Monroe. Haugesund was the birthplace of the father of the famed actress, so her ancestral heritage can be traced here.


Customer service

The high level of customer service offered with SAS is apparent even before you board your flight. Use the SAS website to book your flight to Haugesund and take advantage of a host of free information to help you prepare your trip with confidence. There’s a city guide to Haugesund, weather reports and access to up-to-the-minute flight details.


SAS benefits

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