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SAS offers competitive prices for convenient, comfortable flights from the US to the Swedish city of Gothenburg, or Göteborg in Swedish.

SAS flies to Gothenburg from New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco by way of Copenhagen, Stockholm ;or Oslo.

Special SAS features

SAS offers three levels of service to accommodate travelers’ budgets and needs. SAS Go, our lowest-cost class of service, comes with lots of high-quality features such as advance seat reservation, online and SMS text message check-in, wide seats, individual entertainment systems, a three-course meal, and more. Upgrades to SAS Plus and SAS Business include a greater baggage allowance, Fast Track security access where available, wider seats/sleeper seats, a laptop power outlet, superior meals and many other features to make it even easier to work or relax before and during your transatlantic flight.

On our website, you'll find easy-to-read prices with no hidden fees. If your travel days are flexible, use the calendar view function to find the cheapest days for your departure and return flight from Gothenburg. Sometimes, flying a day or two sooner or later can save you hundreds of dollars! For more ways to save money on your flight to Gothenburg, sign up for the SAS newsletter or become a member of our award-winning frequent flyer program, EuroBonus.

SAS has an outstanding track record for on-time arrivals, ensuring the best possible start and finish to your trip to Gothenburg. Book your SAS flight to Gothenburg now.

Gothenburg – commerce, culture and culinary excellence

Gothenburg is a gem of a costal Scandinavian city and a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers. The home of Volvo Cars and featuring the largest seaport in the Nordic countries, the city is an important center for shipping, trade and industry, and it boasts a host of educational and cultural institutions and museums. Visitors can enjoy a classically beautiful Scandinavian cityscape with quaint canals, pretty boulevards and cobblestone streets lined with interesting shops, charming cafés and world-class restaurants boasting an impressive number of Michelin stars for such a relatively small city. In recent years, Gothenburg's culinary scene has become world-famous for a fresh take on dishes based on high-quality regional produce.

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