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Booking flights to Germany is effortless with SAS. Visit the SAS website to find departures, book flights and check in online. We offer a number of flights to Germany from our four US hubs: New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco.

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Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, SAS wants you to have the best experience possible. Enjoy a wide variety of features and options en route, including a broad range of in-flight entertainment, varied menu choices and ergonomic seats.

If you're flying in SAS Plus or SAS Business, which one can upgrade to from SAS Go, you can take advantage of Fast Track security access where available.

All passengers can earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points on their flights to use towards future flights, hotel stays and car rentals. All passengers can only refund/change restricted tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

For passengers traveling with children, you can reserve bassinets for babies up to nine months old. You can also order infant and children's meals on SAS transatlantic flights (24 hours in advance). During the flight, the whole family can enjoy in-flight entertainment at their seats with movie channels, music, stories and video games.

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Finding Germany flights on SAS is quick and easy on our website. You can research departures, book flights to Germany and check in online. The SAS website also offers travel information on Germany as well as other destinations where SAS flies. SAS has connecting flights to many cities in Germany, including Berlin and Munich, from more than 100 cities in the US.


Germany’s diverse attractions offer something for every traveler. If you're interested in modern, dynamic cities, explore Berlin, Germany's capital, and take in its many museums, restaurants, clubs and bars.

For a change of pace, visit the charming, small villages found throughout Bavaria, one of Germany's top holiday destinations. During your visit, don't forget to indulge in some good German beer and wine.

Experience the diversity that Germany has to offer and book your Germany flights on SAS today.

From modern cities to medieval villages, outdoor adventure to vibrant nightlife, Germany has something for everyone. Explore the dynamic capital of Berlin with its many museums, restaurants, clubs and bars, or visit Hamburg, a harbor city with one of Germany’s most diverse populations. Spend a few days in Bavaria, one of Germany's top holiday destinations, and be charmed by its small villages, Baroque churches, castles and beautiful landscape.

Find out about flights to Germany on SAS today.

Art and culture

The birthplace of artists, writers and thinkers such as Beethoven, Goethe, Albert Einstein and Karl Marx, Germany's influence on Western culture is tremendous. Throughout the country, you can find excellent museums, galleries and exhibitions showcasing German art, innovations and discoveries - both old and new. The Bauhaus style of architecture was born in Germany and mixes in with the Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance styles of the past.

Outdoor activities — from the Danube to the Alps

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you'll find plenty of activities  in Germany to keep you occupied. Take a cruise down the Danube, Rhine and Elbe rivers, hike the Bavarian Alps during the summer and ski in the winter.

Explore parks filled with forests and mountains and boat across lakes ringed by fairy-tale chapels and villages. Escape to the resort islands of Sylt and Rugen for some boating, windsurfing and people watching.

Beer and wine

Germany is a beer lovers paradise, and the Germans produce a large variety of quality beers ranging from lighter beers such as Pilsner to darker beers like Doppelbock, with 6% alcohol.

Germany is also home to the oldest brewery in the world: a former monastery located just outside of Munich. Munich, the regional capital of Bavaria, hosts the annual Oktoberfest festival, where beer and traditional food take center stage.

As popular as beer is, Germany is also a major producer of wines, predominantly white wines such as Riesling. A visit to Germany's charming wine country is well worth a visit—both for the wine and the scenery in the area.


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