Fast Track & Security screening

At the airport all travelers have to pass through security before entering the gate area. Come well prepared for security screening to go smoothly.

Security control at the airport

At the security control you must show a valid digital or printed boarding pass.

  • Empty your pockets of mobile phone, watch, keys and coins before passing through.

  • Small items can be placed in your carry-on bag or jacket pocket.

  • You are required to place items such as coat, laptop and plastic bags with liquids on a conveyor belt for X-ray scanning.

  • You are only allowed to bring a limited amount of liquids placed in individual containers of 100 ml or less through security.

Fast Track

Fast Track is the quickest way to pass through airport security screening, using a separate line that allows passengers to proceed more quickly and smoothly through security control. This will give you more time for relaxing, working or visiting our SAS Lounges or get to the gate quicker.

Included in SAS Business and SAS Plus tickets

Travelers in SAS Business, SAS Plus and EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members can use Fast Track at all airports where the service is available. Fast Track is available during the airport’s opening hours.

Star Alliance Network offers Star Gold Track Security at more than 150 locations globally.

As at standard security controls, you need to show a valid boarding pass.