Food & beverages

You can buy snacks and drinks on board most flights from the menu you'll find in your seat pocket. Coffee and tea are always complimentary.

Meals & snacks on board

You’ll enjoy complimentary meals and snacks when you fly in SAS Plus and SAS Business. If you’re traveling in SAS Go, you can buy snacks, drinks and light meals from our onboard menu (PDF, 1.3MB)

  • Our inflight food and beverage options depend on the destination, length
    of the flight and time of day. We also don’t serve food or drinks on short flights.

  • You can pre-order meals up to 18 hours before departure and special meals 24
    hours before departure

  • Meals are always included on flights to North America and Asia. On these
    flights, you can also choose to upgrade to a 3-course premium meal from our
    premium menu.

Baby food

You can bring as much baby food (e.g. formula, jars of baby food) and special diet items as you need for the flight.

Kids' meals

  • You can preorder Kids' meals on flights longer than 80 minutes within Europe when you fly in SAS Plus, and in all travel classes to the rest of the world.

  • Breakfast is the same for children and adults.

  • Kids' meals are only available on flights departing after 09.01.

  • Meals must be ordered 24 hours before departure by contacting SAS Customer Service when travelling in SAS Business or SAS Plus.

  • When travelling in SAS Go to/from Asia and North America you request your special meal online.

Special meals

On some flights you can choose a meal from a variety of special diet options. Special meals must be ordered 24 hours before departure.

  • When travelling in SAS Go to/from Asia and US you can now request your special meal online.

  • For those who traveling in SAS Business and SAS Plus, special meals are requested by contacting SAS Customer Service.

Special meals are available on flights:

  • To and from Asia and North America.

  • For SAS Plus travelers on flights 80 minutes or longer within Europe or to Beirut.

The special meal will automatically be canceled when a flight has been altered, canceled, rebooked or when a name change has been made. It is important that a new special meal reservation is made.

Nut policy / food allergy

SAS take into account travelers with food allergies and do not serve peanuts, products or meals containing peanuts on SAS flights.

No allergen-free flights

We handle, prepare and serve meals and snacks utilizing a variety of other ingredients including food allergens and can't guarantee an allergen-free flight or prevent other travelers from bringing their own food that may contain allergens on board.
We advise you with allergies to bring your own emergency medicine and to consult your doctor before traveling.

Inform the cabin crew

If you suffer from a peanut allergy, please make our cabin crew aware of this when boarding, so that we could take the necessary precaution measures and ask other passengers not to eat peanuts / peanut-based products during the flight.

SAS cannot guarantee compliance from other travelers.

When travelling in Business class to and/or Asia or North America it's possible to pre-select your meal in advance to ensure your preferred main meal option onboard.

We offer SAS Pre-Select meals on a ‘best efforts’ basis. If your booking changes for any reason after you make your choice, you'll need to choose again as your selected meal will not be transferred to your new flight. You may need to do this by calling SAS Customer Services.

Pre-select your meal up to 24 hours before departure

To pre-select a meal to your booking, get information on which meals are available on your flight– go to My bookings. You can make the choice between ten days before departure and 24hrs before departure.

Please note that once you've made your choice, you cannot change it.

  • Changing your seat within the same cabin on the same flight will not impact your SAS Pre-Select choice. Just remember that if you do change seat, please tell the cabin crew so they can bring you the right meal.

  • The meal can sometimes change at short notice for operational reasons. We'll always do our best to serve you the meal you chose but if we cannot, we'll provide you with an equivalent meal.

  • If you decide to change your SAS Pre-Select meal on board, we cannot guarantee that an equivalent meal will be available. We will, however, do our best to accommodate your request.

  • If your flight is disrupted, we may not be able to honor your SAS Pre-Select meal choice. In the event of such a disruption, we'll offer you an alternative meal choice on board.

  • If you choose not to pre-select your meal before your trip, you'll still be able to choose your meal on board. Please note, however, that meal choices will be subject to availability on board.