SAS App – download it today

Make your travel easier when flying with us. The SAS App helps you book flights, check in, get your boarding pass, see the latest flight status and receive important notifications.

The SAS App offers you plenty of practical features related to your trip. By using the app, you have all your travel details at your fingertips. You can even save your passport details and other personal information safely in the app. As a SAS EuroBonus member you can also review your member activities, and much more.

Available in App Store and Google Play

Download the SAS App, and make sure you always have the latest version. We continuously improve and update the app. Note: The app does not support booking in the US.

Available to download from App Store and Google Play.

Share ideas to improve the SAS App

As a true traveler, you know best what features you want in a travel app. And in the Labs section of the SAS App, you can tell us how we can make it even better. Our digital specialists are always looking for new ways to take your travel experience to the next level. Some of the best features of the SAS App were born in Labs, like being able to rate flights and connect with friends.

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